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Monday, May 28, 2007

Pinnacle Culmination

Pinnacle Culmination

Through out this dell my love did glide.

Beneath a flowery shrub or tree so wide she would linger and hide.

Like an angel divine with a face so fine.

Emerald green eyes, ruby lips her ivory skin did alabaster like shine.

As down her neck her coppery red tresses did twine.

With gaiting step and a swing of the arms.

Gleaming white gloves she displayed her charms.

Coppery red hair, falling sleeves with an ample flare.

High black boots black skirt so short to see her fannies almost bare,

Curl round and lace the seams of her panties fair.

To a flower she would bend or squat with legs well spread,

Sheer white panties clutched pink swollen lips.

As her skirt rose up her ample hips.

Darken tangled fleece would show beneath the shear white crease.

Darken pubes half hidden by flimsy silk enchant the sylvan sylph.

Her fanny one pink flower amongst many a floral bower,

Nestled in darken curly silk.

From flower to shrub to herb to myriad things;

She would bound around her arms alive like a birds wings.

Her blouse a white chiffon of her breast did house,

Silver brocade entwined like leaves in a vine.

Black lacy patterns curling round her breasts divine.

As she run her hands there up and everywhere,

Her breasts bounced, jellied mounts, as she did flounce,

Around her neck the black velvet collar and down her back cascaded her coppery red hair.

Her tresses fair fell about and waved in the air.

O'er her shoulder it lay unbound,

Turgid red nipples blood red and round,

Her breasts whiteness matched by the furs she lay upon.

Beneath the chiffon they wobbled and shone.

With anguish high dread arose as from my sight my love did hide

I stood as gentle as a lamb then to a shrub did stealthy glide.

Peered around and I will tell what struck my eye.

With her skirt hitched up and around her ankles her panties displayed.

Into a flower garden, onto her back she laid.

Soft fingers spread wide her cunt's lips with her legs well splayed.

Soft fingers spread wide her cunt's lips and into the air a silvery stream did spray.

Betwixt her cunt's lips a torrent did gush, liquid silver flowed out with a hiss and a rush

Oh what a sight as in the light and to a prodigious height.

A rainbow spread wide from her gushing fount twist a hairy mount.

A moons crescent a silvery arc streaking the air in the fragrant park.

Yellows, blues, reds, sparkled over the flower beds.

Multiple hues glisten shimmerly bright.

As a shower of liquid light bedewed each flower to her left and right,

Liquid crystals pearly bright spread beneath the rainbows light,

Covering the flowers in a carpet of fiery light.

A necklace of pearls laced the flowers, the herbs, the golden bowers,

Each languid world within its shimmering pearl,

Mirrored, refracted, reflected the others glistening pool.

Oh what a sight as sprinkled down light.

Splattered about, hear, there, round about;

Danced in the air, in her hair, hear, there, over there.

Up down all around glistening colours gambolled around.

Myriad hues in the droplets bright.

Flashed on the flowers covering the ground. ......

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Djierke said...

Welcome back m'lady. And what a grand entrance. A poem that made my skin tingle and my heart palpitate within my chest.
Now that I am temporary free from your grasp, I have finally managed to rummage around the Attic once more...*grins*. I see that you have been busy!
Love Forever

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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