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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jaded {Part Sixteen}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

"Just let me arrange it my way, as usual, Jade. Everything will be perfect, don't be anxious, go and walk in the park or take a swim but please relax or that poor man will receive a 10,000 volts electrical discharge when you kiss him!"

Jade laughed and decide to walk in the park to try to calm herself down before the arrival of Vincent.

On time, Vincent was in front of the porte-cochere and was now facing Zerline:

"Where is Jade and who are you?"

"I am Zerline, Sir, the lady-in-waiting of Jade."

"The lady-in-waiting!" Vincent laughed. "Where are we going? Into a castle?"

Zerline smiled back at him and just asked him to follow her. As with Charles, Vincent followed Zerline through the secret passages and, arrived near the private area of Jade's place. Then she asked Vincent to accept being blindfolded.

"Certainly not, Miss. Either Jade trusts me, or you drive me back to the street." he demanded.

Zerline was completely lost. What could she do? This had never happened before. She asked Vincent to wait for her there until she asked Jade about it. Vincent began to draw the large white marble mantelpiece in the room where he was. Vincent always carried with him a drawing pad and he was sketching every interesting that he could see all day long. It could be things like the ornate mantelpiece, landscapes, figures or even animals. His interests had no limits.

A quarter of an hour later Zerline was back with Jade's answer. She told him that Jade accepted to let him follow her without a blindfold.

"Thanks, I am happy to be considered as a real guest, not somebody to be thrown away and to be seen as useless. But please let me finish drawing that mantelpiece, I like that shape, it's giving me inspiration for a future painting." Zerline waited patiently thinking to herself that Vincent was certainly a special man.

They were now in front of the entrance of the round pavilion and Marion, Marinette and Martine, as naked as Eve, welcomed Vincent whilst Zerline removed her cloak, showing him her gorgeous body.

"We will now prepare you for Madam, please take off all your clothes Vincent, Marion will wash you down, Marinette will anoint you with aromatic rare oils, then Martine will massage you."

"Sorry girls, I don't need any massage, I don't need to be "prepared for Madam", I am perfectly well, I am totally relaxed and I don't want to swim either. Please just lead me to Jade. As I know, it's to meet her that I am here."

Again, Zerline was lost by his attitude. What was she to do with him? He did not seem to be aroused by the sight of their nakedness. She asked him to wait there while she consulted Jade on what to do next.

"Jade, he doesn't want to undress nor to be massaged, he just wants to see you, now! I am really lost with that guy, so unpredictable. I... I am not sure if it was a good idea when you told me that you would offer your virginity to this one... he seems so... I don't know, but..."

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Djierke said...

Good Morning My Precious...it's 6:30 am and the geese are coming in for a landing. Noisy bunch they are too!
I have yet another moment to rummage around the Attic...
ahh! the continuation of Jaded...now you have me thinking about a pet...*smirks*. Perhaps one day when you permit me the time to train it? You are a lot of work yet and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
Love Always

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