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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jaded {Part Seventeen}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

Jade laughed. "On the contrary, Zerline, this is great, it's the first time that a man is able to surprise me as he already has this morning and is still doing this evening. I like that. Just bring him to me as he so wishes. And thanks for your kind thoughts for me but I have decided that it would be today and with him, I am not used to being challenged in this way. I don't know if he will leave me like the others but I think that it will be great fun with that man."

Vincent crossed the park with Zerline and was now detailing Jade's nude body with an evident satisfaction. Like that morning, Jade blushed. It was so simple to be nude with other nude people but now, in front of this clothed man...

"May I kiss you, Jade?"

"Yes, of course, Vincent" And he kissed her... on the cheeks. "Please sit down Vincent, would you like to drink some Champagne with me?"

"No, thanks, I would prefer some good red wine."

While Jade was giving Zerline orders to serve the wine, Vincent was looking around the room with deep interest, astonished by the thousands of rose petals spread about on the floor.

"Jade, why are you destroying flowers like that. Of course it's nice but can you imagine the same amount of flowers in vases? Don't you think it would be just as nice? I mean, would you like to see one of your nipples on the table while your thighs would be spread on the piano, your mouth on the floor, your bottom on the chair..."

"Stop it, Vincent!" Jade began to laugh heartily. He was teasing her in such a funny way, just to see how she would react. She thought to herself that he was quite a clever man.

Zerline came back with the wine and left them alone. After drinking a few glasses, eyes into eyes, Vincent asked Jade: "So, what a welcome, all these girls and you naked for me. I did not expect such a reception. Very erotic my dear Jade. Is it the way you usually receive your lovers?"

Jade blushed again "Yes, I will confess that it is."

"Very kind of you! But were you expecting us to make love together this night?" Vincent asked. Jade looked back at him, surprised.

"Y... yes, you..."

Vincent smiled. "I see that you are quite a hot little animal, Jade. But to be frank, I was just expecting to have dinner with you, to talk together to better know each other. Nothing more. I am not used to making love with somebody I don't love in the first instance, even if she is as desirable as you are."

Jade was completely astonished by his reply. He was using her very own methods against her as she did, not to offer herself totally to her lovers. But she was the wrong one this time. He was really unpredictable and she felt embarrassed now by all of her erotic attempts to seduce him. He understood her thoughts and said:

"Don't be anxious, Jade, I am not shocked by your attitude. Nakedness, as I already told you, is something common for me, as I have seen so many naked women in my career. So it's ok and even very pleasant, I must say. You can remain naked as you are without any problem to me. You don't mind that I remain clothed I hope?"

She replied to him no, but it was not the truth. She was now terribly embarrassed to be naked in front of that clothed man and she had seen that it was the same for Zerline. They ate together, served by Jade's female employees, naked as their mistress and the atmosphere was more and more unreal. Any normal man would have been very aroused, and would have shown his reaction, a hard-on distinctly visible through his pants. But Vincent was acting normally, just amused by the sight of all these swaying breasts and admiring the real beauty of the girls. His accurate mind was able to detect the thoughts of Jade, and so he told her:

"Don't think that I am gay. I do love women, be reassured. But as I told you, I need to fall in love first and this takes more than a single night as I am sure you know."

"Yes Vincent, and I approve of that completely. I will also be very honest to you. I never really made love with a man up to now for the same reasons. I am still a virgin."

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Djierke said...

M'lady...I am finally caught up on this most extraordinary tale. There is a cure for a virginity...*smirks*. I am sure there are paths that we will venture down that will be virgin territory for both of us, and there's no one I would much rather explore it with than you.

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