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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Jaded {Part Twelve}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded
With a soft, warmth and sensual voice, Jade asked Zerline to leave them alone whilst motioning Charles to come near her. The young man was dazzled by so much beauty, fascinated and disturbed by this magical, idyllic sight and was almost quivering when approaching Jade whilst feeling the freshness and softness of the rose petals under his bare feet. Jade drew back her gorgeous hair with a light and ethereal gesture, revealing lovingly her delicate breasts and smiled at Charles whilst holding out her hand to him, this graceful hand with so slender fingers able of so much sensitivity, delicateness and touch.

Moved by this Aphrodite beauty, by her delicacy, her nobleness and her exquisite goddess like elegance, Charles held delicately Jade's hand to his lips and, whilst lightly bowing down, kissed her hand softly. Although they were both naked, they were dressed by the magic of the place, by the splendour of that instant and Charles would have not behaved differently if he had been wearing a smoking jacket and Jade a ball gown.

Jade then took Charles by the hand and invited him to sit down with her in a large deep supple leather sofa in front of which was a little coffee table whose sculpted feet were made of four naiads holding with their arms a marble plate veined with tender pink swirls. A bottle of champagne waited in a finely worked crystal ice bucket.

"Charles, please open the bottle." Charles obeyed but was surprised, when he wanted to pour, to see that there was only one glass.

"My tender love, I want to drink this champagne in the same glass as you, I want us to be this night only one mouth, an only one being joined by love, our two hearts and two bodies quivering in unison. I want to drink into you as you will drink into me."

So they drunk from the same glass and whilst the bubbles of the fresh wine were gliding erotically deep into their throats, they were looking at each other, eyes into eyes, desiring each other already intensely. Jade lay down on her back and asked Charles: "Dip delicately the tip of your tongue in the glass of champagne and put each drop you gathered onto the places you will chose on my body, then dry tenderly these drops of desire with your lips. And she closed her eyes to better feel the freshness of the champagne and the softness of his lips upon on her body offered to pleasure.

The play was very erotic and Charles, rather timid, began to put a drop of champagne on Jade's forehead, which he dried voluptuously with his lips. The scene repeated itself afterwards on Jade's lips, her neck and her breasts, her navel... Jade, eyes still closed, quivering with each fresh drop. The last drop was put on her red pubic hair and Jade trembled with delight when she felt his face nuzzle into her.

They embraced each other into a warm and sensual hug whilst kissing passionately. Jade felt herself melting between Charles's muscular arms, gently crushing her breasts against his chest, pressing her sex tenderly against his thigh, feeling his male strength overrun her whilst she gave herself to his erotic caresses. Charles's hands were sliding along the velvet back of the young woman, caressing her superb wavy and thick hair, his fingers plunging with delight into the silk of her fragrant mane of red hair which he inhaled the so intoxicating perfume.Their embrace became more tender and passionate and Charles, who was now feeling so sexually masculine, wanted to pay homage to the intimate lips of the young woman, tenderly nestling between her silky thighs. But Jade pushed away gently the hand that was investigating into her pubic hair and looked at the young man with a tender smile and a gaze of admiration could be read on her face when she saw the superb erection sported by Charles, worthy of the most beautiful representations that can be seen on certain erotic Greek vases.

Jade had always thought that the man's sex was made to be in erection, that it was so beautiful that way, that it was acquiring all of its softness, all of its warmth. She was therefore admiring, like an expert, the superb specimen of the phallus that drew up proudly in front of her. She freed herself from Charles's embrace and, kneeling in front of him, wrapped her tender lips around the tip of his glans, sensually kissing with her warm lips and tongue.

Charles offered himself without any restraint to Jade's mouth whilst her hands were lavishing other caresses all just as arousing. When the warm and powerful stream gushed from his admirable sex, Charles's face was sublimated into an indefinable expression with an exceptional intensity. The wave of pleasure had been so strong, the violence of the senses so intense, the fullness so complete that at that instant of absolute happiness and gratification, it appeared in its entirety on his face, and the depths of his eyes misted with gratefulness. He was there, abandoned, his lips still parted on a marvellous smile of ecstasy, bliss and exhilaration.

Jade had come at the same time with Charles as he offered himself to her, freeing his intimate self, letting escape his soul, his male essence.

The sensuality of the young woman was so strong that she was able to have an orgasm by the only fact of seeing the ecstasy on her lovers' face. That instant that she watched with so much eagerness, had aroused her so much that she came as strongly as if she had been penetrated, atleast that was what she believed, as up to that day, no man had ever deflowered her. She was as virginal as the day she was born.

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