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Monday, May 7, 2007

Jaded {Part Eleven}

It was a real enchantment to be able to gaze at this perfect body stirring with the sound of the piano, bending itself, leaning over, and tautening in harmony with the music. Jade was music, Jade was vibrations, the melody was emanating from all of her being as an evanescent form of her beauty, a perfume with enchanting notes shedding out lovingly around her.

Seeing Charles, Jade played for him a last Erik Satie's melody with a suggestive title: "I want you", a superb air which possessed the beauty and the rhythm of a slow waltz.

The young man had stopped on the threshold of the room with Zerline and was drinking, inhaling religiously the music played by Jade so brilliantly and with so much delicacy. All was perfect and the nakedness of the young woman was sublimating this wonderful melody, making it more magical, more magnificent, captivating the eyes, the hearing and the heart. Charles had the feeling to discover for the first time in his life what was music, the true music, the music of life, and the music of love.

The last notes of "I want you" had just slipped into the depths of Charles's heart when Jade stood up with grace and elegance, or rather ascended weightlessly as if she had sat until then on a cloud. She smiled at Charles with an enchanting and radiant smile; her white teeth glowed as if a row of nacreous pearls delicately lined up between two ruby full lips finely delineated. This already disturbing smile was transcended by her catlike eyes with two sparkling emerald-green irises, caressed by long velvet eyelashes, themselves crowned by two eyebrows with an exquisite curve. Her face, like a Madonna was adorned with the prettiest nose that one can imagine, refined appendix that put the final touch to a face with delicate and natural beauty.

Her lily's body, which Charles was seeing for the first time in all its nakedness, was perfect, silky and velvet as the one of a virgin and her so translucent and diaphanous satin-like skin gave the impression that her body was lit up from the inside.

Jade reminded one of Botticelli's young girls, pure jewels of the Creation, living flesh and works of natural art, adorned with their thick and luxuriant hair. Jade was so pure and so disturbing that one barely dared to approach her. Some flowers that subtly embellished her long hair, making you think a little more to the lost paradise, also enhanced this impression of purity.

Her sumptuous and thick red hair was flowing undulating on her soft and diaphanous shoulders, as a river with multiple windings creating a magnificent contrast with her ravishing paleness. Two round and firm breasts were emerging stirringly from the coloured mane, silky and tender fruits with perfect shape, adorned with pale pink areolas delicately laid down as petals of flowers on this velvet-smooth skin with nipples as pistils.

His eyes, following down the fawn-coloured flowing locks discovered that this alluring river had gave birth, flowing into the hollow of a small valley made by two shapely and superb thighs, to a chestnut curly delta, an intimate pubic treasure of ginger velvet.

Nor the artist painter with his brushes, nor the sculptor with his polished but cold stone, nor the writer with his poor terrestrial words were able to convey all the charm, the radiance, the grace, the harmony, the perfection of this living and celestial flower who was bewitching and dazzling all of those who rested their gaze on her, who rested their heart there.

The room where they were, lit by hundreds of candles shedding a soft, warm, coloured and intimate light was really heavenly. Thousands of pastel coloured petals of roses were strewn over the ground and so spread an intoxicating fragrance whilst the walls were lined with silk with delicate motifs. Jade was standing up, like a nymph emerging from stream on this carpet of flowers, bathed, wrapped by this mellow and caressing light. The whiteness of her opalescent body was shining among the coloured petals, alabaster magnificently smooth that invited the hand to lay on it, to caress its adorable contours, to follow each curve to better feel all its voluptuousness. Her sumptuous and immaculate body seemed to be lightened from the inside whilst the thick veil of her hair was glowing with the candlelight.

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Djierke said...

So early in the morning and already so...umm, aroused. I can almost srite the next installment of this journey m'lady...I seem to know her so very well.
Once again you have provided me with inspiration-it seems like a habit...:-)

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