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Friday, May 4, 2007

The Bastille

A bit of curiosity,a trip to the Bastille

Just what is the attraction,

and what is the appeal?

As I peek about this place,

I see You are a Master,

so I try a bit to hide,

my heart is beating faster.

But You spot me in the dark,

and this night I am Your slave,

not really knowing what

You wantor what it is You crave.

You take out a length of rope

and with it I am tied,

as I lay here helplessly,

you try to decide.

What way that You should teach me,

to be a proper slave,

how to act and what to do

and how I must behave.

You are gathering up Your thoughts,

the training's not begun,

and since I’m at Your mercy,

You have Yourself some fun.

From some secret,

hidden place,

You bring forth a feather,

and as You run it over me,

I fight against my tether.

You seem to take some pity,

for You loosened up the rope,

and I feel a little glimmer,

a little ray of hope.

But the torture isn't over yet,

You haven't had enough,

my little ray of hope is dashed,

when You slap on the cuffs.

Face down across Your bended knees,

You beat me with the crop,

tears streaming down my pleading face,

I beg You please to stop.

My legs too weak and shaky,

I fall down to my knees,

and tell my Lord and Master,

I’ll do anything to please.

You take my hands and hold them,

while You help me to arise,

You stroke my hair and kiss my lips

and gently dry my eyes.

Other things, like whips and chains,

will still come into play,

but You won't take and use them,until another day.

I know not of the future,

or what it is You've planned,

I’m only here to serve You,

whatever You demand…..


Djierke said...

Thank you, My Precious

Calisto-Demon said...

You are forever welcome my Darling One...

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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