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Friday, May 4, 2007

Jaded {Part Ten}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

Zerline loved it when men admired her breasts, she loved to feel her breasts being fondled, massaged lightly and tenderly, that they would quiver, made erect by the contact of the tongue and even nibbled with teeth, provoking waves of intense desire inside of her.

Jade was waiting for Charles and Zerline took Charles by his wrists making him release her breasts and his sex was completely erect. She decided to make him feel that she was able to hold him entirely in her hands. So, instead of asking him simply to follow her to meet with Jade, it was with a mischievous smile that she took his sex into her hand, as if it was a handle, but a soft, so warm and firm handle. Then she took him in that way to the garden.

Charles did not resist. To feel his sex so tenderly clutched into this so smooth hand, a hand belonging to this naked and desirable girl who pulled him that way was very erotic but also disturbing. His sex rose up in all the glory and beauty of an erect phallus, and at the same time he was dominated, totally clutched and contained in the hand of Zerline who was making him feel the pressure of her fingers and was pulling on him from time to time to make him walk, as if she wanted him to avoid escape from her.

It did not take long to see a tear of pleasure escaping from Charles's sex, a little tear that Zerline wiped off with the end of her index and lifted it to her lips with sensuality. But when Charles thought that the play would be more intense, Zerline freed his sex telling him with a gentle smile that he had to save himself for Jade and that her mistress would be furious against her if they would go on with this little erotic play.

It was then in a state arousal and also of great frustration that Charles followed Zerline into the garden, which besides earned more the name of a park because of its large size. When turning back, Charles saw that the building they just left was a big round imposing pavilion, surrounded by tall marble columns and that the biggest part of the pavilion was occupied by the swimming pool where the three other girls were still lying languid among the satin and silk cushions.
Since he arrived there, Charles was surprised by the apparent natural nudity of these girls and his curiosity drove him to ask: "Tell me, Zerline, is it only for me that you are naked tonight, you and your colleagues, or are you used to it?"

"It is a normal state, we are often naked because Madam likes to live naked, she feels better that way, freed from all constraints. She considers that we are born nude and that it is ridiculous to clothe yourself when you are not forced to do it. Then, to have the right to work for Madam, we must accept to live as naked as her, which is far from being unpleasant, believe me. Moreover, this sets us somewhere on an equal footing with her, she does not crush us with her outfits and her jewels like most rich people do with their employees whilst you are forced to be clothed with an austere little black dress, a white headdress and a ridiculous little white apron. No, Madam is treating us as her friends, she likes to speak with us and she often has a swim with us in the pool you have seen. For instance, the three girls you saw, if they are of course first at the disposal of Madam, we have also the right to be massaged by them when we want. We are living here in a little community of women who are first friends before employees working for a boss."

"But do the men working for your mistress have also to be naked? Doesn't it creates some... problems to be naked all day long with them?"

"Good question, Charles." answered Zerline with a mischievous smile. "In fact Madam has resolved the problem by hiring only women. So you will not see any men here."

"But tell me, if your mistress requires that you must live naked, how do you cope in winter? I understand that it is very pleasant now, but with the first cold of autumn, you must be obliged to clothe?"

"No, because we simply move to other countries and houses all year long to have the pleasure to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin."

"But your mistress is so rich, to be able to follow the sun like that with all her employees all year long?"

"Yes she is but she loves also life enough to fully make the most of it instead of simply letting her money sit in banks. Madam likes also simple things and the fact that you live naked does not obliged you to buy dresses from famous couturiers." added Zerline with a mischievous blink at Charles. "Which doesn't prevent her from buying magnificent silk dresses such as the one you saw yesterday, because Madam has a very intimate relationship, a very sensual relation with silk."

The two young people had now reached the far end of the park and were standing in front of a lovely Louis XIV mansion, built in freestone and surrounded by big majestic and ancient trees. The double French windows of a vast room were fully opened and were letting the velvet-smooth notes of a melody fly away in the night with an intoxicating scent of flowers.

Zerline and Charles climbed the steps of a marble-imposing staircase leading to a terrace onto which the room opened. A warm and soft light was emanating from it. A wave of pleasure ran along the spine of Charles when he recognized the tune that was playing, the three Gymnopedies for piano of Erik Satie, a piece of music that made you dream, melodious and melancholy as a sail in a small boat drifting away. This tune was filling the soul with its slow rhythm, with its deepness, with the crystal but also the mellowness of its notes, with its inner chord.

Jade, gracefully sitting in front of a cream-coloured concert piano played with charm and virtuosity this so romantic melody. Her body was undulating like a swan, her silky arms as white as opal as if like two wings ready to open themselves whilst her hands were moving on the keyboard with the same grace as the noble bird's gliding elegantly over the water. Fluttering over the keyboard, Jade's diaphanous hands were like immaculate butterflies whilst her fingers with buffed nails shinning like agates, running, slipping, flitting over the keys. The delicate and so true touch of these long and slender fingers, their sensual pressure on the keys, their agility and their grace were fascinating and entrancing.

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