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Friday, April 27, 2007

Jaded {Part Six}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

Jade, thanks to her immense fortune, was in touch with entire areas of Paris, owned officially by numerous companies, but whose real owner was in fact nobody else other than our pretty red haired and green eyed loving woman.That's how Charles, the man who had the luck to catch a glimpse of the intimate treasure of Jade, after having being followed the day before and up to the point of contact by Zerline, had arrived at the evening at the porte-cochère of a cobblestoned smart street of the first district of Paris. The building had a fine appearance and was confirming Charles that the woman he will meet again was part of the high society.

The porte-cochère of the building opened itself at the precise hour on the date and Zerline, covered with a long cloak with her face hidden by a veil approached Charles.

"Good evening Charles, Madam fixed you a date yesterday and I am here on behalf of her to bring you to her and to serve you, my name is Zerline."

Charles answered Zerline with a smile. The mystery of this night, instead of clearing up, was deepening, which was just exciting Charles a little more, more and more hurried now to hug in his arms the beautiful red head he had never stopped thinking of since they first met.
It was a warm summer night, the atmosphere was sultry and the expected thunderstorm had not yet arrived. Charles was sweating despite his light clothes. Zerline was more at ease as she was completely naked under her light silk cloak in accordance with the instructions of her mistress.

The door that Zerline had opened was leading onto the inner courtyard of the building, one of these Parisian courtyards that you can find inside the old rich-looking buildings, large and cobblestoned, with two benches and a fountain in its middle where horses drank at the time the building was built. They walked round the fountain then Zerline knocked on a big carved oak door.A young woman opened the door and invited them to enter. They were now in a large dark and very high-ceilinged corridor, lit up only with bronze candelabras, each of them holding several candles. The floor was carpeted with thick carpets that were muffling the noise of their steps. The young woman that had opened the door had immediately disappeared in the darkness, Charles was following Zerline without saying a word, a little surprised by all these mysteries and the atmosphere of the place.All was silent here compared with the liveliness of the street. Zerline took a candelabra with five lit candles and it was only with the light from these candles that they were now climbing up a stair. On the second floor, they took a new corridor then other stairs, up and down, and again other corridors.

Charles was behind Zerline, lighted only by the diffuse glimmer of the candles which were revealing from time to time shadows of the voluptuous curves of her body through the thin silk cloak. The situation was very erotic and Charles was now convinced of it, the girl was naked under her cloak. This discovery, combined with the mystery of the date and so arousing.Who could be that alluring red headed woman whose messenger was naked under her cloak, as was her mistress under her silk dress? To which den of debauchery was he being taken? Of course all this was increasing Charles' desire to know more but meanwhile he was not loosing a single sight of the show that was just before him, scrutinizing Zerline's figure, inhaling her perfume, excited by the slip of the silk on her skin with each of her steps.

They came to a large apartment with ceilings of five yards high with all windows hidden by large dark red velvet curtains. The apartment seemed to be deserted. Zerline continued to lead Charles through several rooms before reaching the lounge where there was a large white marble mantelpiece. On the right of the mantelpiece was a cupboard which Zerline opened and then she activated a mechanism and all the back of the cupboard opened itself, unveiling a new passage.

At that moment, Zerline put her candelabra on the mantelpiece and while turning herself to face Charles, she rose up the veil that hid her face with both her hands. By this gesture, her cloak, fastened only at her neck with a thin cord, opened itself by the movement of her arms and unveiled to Charles the naked and downy body of the girl. Her smooth breasts were of an average size but firm and with a cute pear-shape, her silky tummy was an invitation for his gaze, gliding naturally to Zerline's blonde and curled pubis, nested in the hollow of two shapely and athletic thighs. She smiled at him, aroused by his gaze which ran over her and in no time at all, her arms got back under the cloak to hide again her nakedness.

What Charles did not know was that the vision of Zerline's naked body was also part of Jade's plan that meant that her lovers could arrive at her place wrapped in an erotic atmosphere favourable to her designs.

"I don't need my veil anymore from here. We will enter now into the private part of Madam's apartments, I will also have to blindfold you for a few minutes to respect the instructions of my mistress."

Charles still aroused by the vision of Zerline's body answered her: "I am placing myself into your hands, lovely young lady." And he allowed trustingly the girl to blindfold him. She took his hand and they both entered the secret passage situated in the back of the cupboard

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