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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jaded {Part Five}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded
The body, the sex of her lovers were certainly also objects of pleasure for Jade but this erotic instant when they sank unreservedly in her arms was for her the apex of her delight, the success of her erotic and loving desires.

The smile of bliss that was forming on her lovers' lips in this instant of truth, their gaze still misty because of the violence of the sensual pleasure they just had with Jade was her reward, the jewel she was offering herself each time she was making love.

So Jade was striving to do everything possible to rise up the sensual pleasure of her lovers to its paroxysm, to be sure that the night they spent together would be not only be refined but also exceptional, for herself and for them.

Therefore, if the first act of the love play staged by Jade was the apparition, thanks to the wind, of her smooth and tender love bush, an act that denoted already the great erotic sophistication of Jade, the second act was dedicated to expectation, to the construction of the mystery, to the production of the final act.

Any man trapped in the nets of this superb Don Juan female had then just one idea, to possess as soon as possible that beautiful and so exciting woman, so sophisticated and elegant, apparently inaccessible and yet offering herself to them, flirting sensually with their male ego.After a deep, long and passionate kiss, Jade explained with a charming smile to the man that she had to protect her private life and if she was burning inside to offer herself to him, she also had to take some precautions. She then set a date at night and asked him to swear, really needlessly, to be there on time at the right place.

A last kiss to seal the date and a final embrace to let the man feel and touch her nakedness through her silk dress and then he would leave, moved so excited at the thought of his future night with this beautiful mysterious woman, unable to believe his incredible luck, to this extraordinary chance that had made this woman's dress flow up just at the moment he was passing near her, just at the moment he was already eyeing her hungrily, just at the moment... chosen by Jade.

Whilst the days passed by towards the impending date, the lucky man was imagining himself stripping off, caressing, embracing, kissing the body of Jade, seeing himself burying his face into the red and curly pussy that appeared to him in all its glory between these two slender and diaphanous thighs. The hours that separated him from this date were then only dreamscapes of delight and lust.

The mystery that Jade had surrounded herself with had also aroused men, this unknown woman who had disappeared as quickly as she had appeared, who was she? This class, this refinement, this sensuality, this animal beauty with many elements able to make any man fantasize of the surprises just beginning beyond their imagination.

All this love play, to increase the desires of the lucky man were also necessary for Jade to make herself sure again of the quality of her choice. If the man was ready to make love with this unknown woman without any hesitation, Jade, before offering herself completely to his caresses wanted to make sure of his identity, of his tastes, of his behaviour in life. So, she was never hunting males alone on those windy days, and was always discretely accompanied by Zerline, her lady-in-waiting and confidante.

Zerline was a pretty tantalizing blonde whose job it was to accompany Jade into her love hunting rather than to serve her really as a lady-in-waiting. Her only real link with Jade's bedroom was then just situated at the level of the bed itself.

A real feminine reflection of Jade, as sensual and voluptuous as her, Zerline loved her job, loved this role that Jade gave her. And even if she was very well paid by her mistress, the delights that her duties gave her was going beyond the material advantages. She had the chance to share with Jade the pleasures of hunting and was savouring all the importance of her mission.

As soon as Jade had chosen and captured her male and gave him a date for the next day, Zerline took over and followed the man discretely to know where he lived, how he was living, who he was... if for instance he was going to a restaurant or a bar, Zerline would take interest in what he would drink, what he would eat, how he was eating, how he was drinking, was it with love, with delicacy, was he savouring the dishes as an aesthetic perfectionist or was he swallowing them down as a boor... if he would go into a shop, what kind of shop was he frequenting, what was he buying, was he refined... and when Zerline could follow him to his home, she was then proceeded with a discrete neighbourhood enquiry, using small amounts of money in exchange of information and some phone calls to friends well placed, permitting Zerline to draw up a whole profile of the lover for her mistress. If nothing was displeasing Jade, the date was kept, otherwise the suitor was rejected with apologies.

But it was very rare that Jade made a mistake, her cunning instinct of the loving animal had never caught her out and it was only when she was intimately persuaded that the chosen man would be the good one, only when certain little signs, such as his attitude, the way he was walking, the way he was looking at women and many other things that only women are aware of, were fitting what she was expecting that she then made her "dance of the wind" for him.
However, the work of Zerline was never useless and it permitted Jade to better appreciate the intimate tastes of the man who would be in her bed the next day, to better know him and then to better seduce him to bring him to a state of extreme ecstasy through the orgasm.

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Djierke said...

Act I has left me on the verge, nerveous and excited. I await with bated breath and beating heart for the next installement.
I see in Jade a certain reflection, a mirror image...murky yet but slowly revealing like dissipating smoke.

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