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Monday, April 23, 2007

Jaded {Part Four}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

One does not imagine how the desire can show through on a face. How the eyes are sparkling, are screwing up or are widening, how the creases of the mouth can betray a state of excitement, the wetness of the lips, the tip of the tongue licking the upper lip, the lips parting... If this loving examination was satisfactory, if the reactions were the ones she was expecting, then only Jade was making a date.

As a love accomplished expert, Jade knew and appreciated the virtues of the waiting. So, instead of rushing with her future lover into a hotel room to consummate with passion too quickly, what she had aroused in a so subtle way, she never gave a date before the next day and, to add a touch of mystery, at the fall of night.

If all of her body, all of her attitude let her erotic animality show off as her ongoing desire with her touchy sensuality, it gave from Jade a high level of sophistication, a very great touch of class and a perfect elegance that was keeping her lovers at bay.

This sophistication, this elegance, this Lady's distinction, Jade had them from birth and through education. She was also very rich and never had to work, accustomed since her childhood to be waited on and to live in a luxury difficult to imagine. The only child, she became orphaned when she was just fourteen and escaped from a marriage that her parents had arranged for her, a marriage that would have united the fortunes and titles of two important families as it was the way in those social circles.

After the death of her parents, she had been brought up by her guardian, a nice man happy to be able to manage Jade's huge fortune, a fortune mostly made up of real properties but also composed of numerous national and international companies. Jade was not at all interested in business and let her guardian manage her fortune as he wanted to. Enjoying a complete freedom of action, consequently her guardian never tried to force Jade to marry, too anxious of the risk to see his role reduced by the arrival of a husband. In return, he always let the girl free to do as she would please. This deal was therefore making the happiness of the two in amicable balance.

This so conciliating guardian had given way to her happiness, and also the loss of Jade, heedless without any responsibility to manage, unknowing of what needs had to be obeyed other than her desires.

From her childhood to the adulthood, Jade had only to ask to obtain immediately anything she wanted. Toys, clothes, dogs, cats, horses then later jewels, houses, boats, planes and even castles. Jade's life was totally the one of a princess.

Everything came so easily, and Jade little by little became bored, the most wonderful jewels, the most beautiful clothes, the most magnificent boats or castles, all became normal, and had just a fleeting appeal, unable to amuse her any more.

The only spice in her life was love. Her great beauty combined with her intelligence and wealth had allowed her to taste numerous pleasures. That's why, when she wanted a man, she would take her time, using all of her charms and all necessary weapons to lead her desire of conquest to victory.

But what aroused Jade towards men was not only of a sensual and sexual nature, it was the conquest of the "essence" of the man, something she could not buy... his masculine soul.
Jade felt as a woman up to the tips of her breasts and, as a true women, she had always been fascinated by the other sex, by man's mystery, by the opposite sex.

When she was making love, when she was offering her body to the caresses of her lovers, the moment she preferred over all was the one when they climaxed, that fleeting moment whilst nothing was protecting them, nor pride, nor modesty, it was then that the soul of her lovers had yielded to her totally, naked, and at the precise moment of their little death.

Whilst at this moment of total vulnerability, the climax of the male orgasm, the true being is revealed. It was this supreme moment that Jade was inhaling, breathing in, grabbing, and capturing with delight. Jade was overwhelmed each time a male appeared this way in all his nakedness, during this short instant when his liberated soul was rising from his slightly parted lips by pleasure, parted by the final intense pleasure produced by Jade.

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Djierke said...

Takes me back to a moment in time...3:30 am I think it was...but I only have your word as I remember very little else other than the sheer intensity.
There is desire in your eyes when you gaze at me. I can see it through the emerald sheen...

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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