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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jaded {Part Three}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

Waiting for the right moment when the wind would rush between her thighs to expose her naked to the gaze of the selected man, was allowing her, whilst she was following her prey, to imagine the expression of the man's face when he would see her red bush, she could imagine already the growing passion rising within him after such a sight. She adored to provoke the desire within her lusting prey. Seeing the little smile, the sparkling in his eyes, the mischievous look in the man's face was as much an arousing ingredient for Jade.

She needed all those preliminaries to give her more excitement and her future lovers were as excited as her when they discovered her long legs, superb slender and white thighs which were enhancing her pretty red and curly pubic mound of Venus.

She was not an exhibitionist and even if this part of her loving game was arousing her, what she wanted was just to offer a foretaste of her intimacy to the one who would possess her, she wanted to show him her hidden treasure, her little loving bush which he would get the right to caress, to lick, to penetrate, making her climax for a long time.

To achieve her ends, Jade had learned to know the wind, its reactions, and its sudden changes. She knew every favourable nook and cranny to be sure that her dress would rise up completely, suddenly and at the right moment, all the places where the wind was blowing, the corners of streets where she was almost sure to be exposed naked when the wind came from the South, from the North or from the West. She had built a real map of the wind in the Paris' streets to be able to assuage her sexual instincts.

Her preferred places were the arcades of the Rivoli street, along the garden of Tuileries, where the wind blown often suddenly while breezing, where almost all of Paris went strolling on Sunday because of the open shops on Rivoli street, the preferred day for Jade to placate her game.

If her technique was perfect, she had to be careful, to arrange it so as it would seem completely natural to be accidentally exposed naked by the wind, she even trained herself to blush, but she was blushing with pleasure and not with intrusion.

Therefore, to be sure that her future lovers could be convinced that they had been lucky because of the wind to see Jade's pretty curled red mop, she always managed to wear wide-brimmed hats that the wind threatened to take off. That meant that when Jade's dress was rising up to reveal her hidden charms, her hands were at the same time holding on to her hat to avoid it being swept away in the wind.

The rest was easy, she blushed whilst apologizing and trying, clumsily, to pull down her dress while letting her hat blow off. And so, the man would run for her hat to catch it and bring it back to her proudly as a trophy.

Jade thanked him, apologizing, telling him how much she was embarrassed about what happened, her blushing and apologizes were then increasing evermore the man's desire, a man already aroused by the fortunate sight he had pleasure in seeing. Jade waited for this instant when the man would introduce himself, that moment when he would tell her with an impish expression, that he had, on the contrary, very much appreciated what he had seen or he may even dare to ask her if she was ever wearing panties...

Then, the battle was won, the fish now caught in her tender hook and Jade could often notice, when looking at the bulge in the man's trousers, that she had made a good catch, and that the following day would be a promise of intense love, passion and voluptuous pleasures.
However, Jade was not offering herself to the sight of anyone as easily as it seemed and before accepting a man in her bed, many near-initiation rites had to be passed by the one she had chosen.

Before making her love parade, Jade was always taking care to watch attentively and at length the one who would be the lucky man and her wonderful erotic performance of the wind was an ideal occasion offered to Jade to evaluate her future lover. So, when her pretty red pussy was making its fleeting apparition, she was taking advantage of it to measure the intensity of the arousing desire she created, peering into the eyes and face of the man.

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Djierke said...

Once again your words reach out and brush their cold fingers across my belly stroking downwards to awake the creature that has lain dormant all these years. I am enjoying this even more now this second time around.

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