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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Meaning Of Deference

Submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes, or judgment of another. Courteous respect.
For at least two weeks prior she had a wicked viper tongue. She did not listen, she talked back and had very little to do with the deference that was once becoming of her. Her eyes spoke of wicked transgressions against His word, His law. His look smoldered with a heat that would shake her very knees but still for the thrill of the moment she would defy Him to no ends. Of course this would not go un-noticed by that of He. He awaited His moment in time when He would wield the power of authority over her. His right. He took such liberties one evening just out of the blue without her really realizing this, again her mouth ran rampant with words of ill repute and lacklustre. The night had come, the time when He was strongest.

"Lay out on your back, witch that mouth of yours has begotten you naught but troubles that I need to set straight." His voice dripped with fantic ill humour.

"No." Was that of her pert reply.

Grabbing a fist full of her coppery red tresses He twisted upon the bed till she was prone on her stomach her hands now outstretched over her head, He made quick haste of tying them still with a length of black lace shall that cascaded over the bed post.

"Bitch." His voice dripped with the purest of contempt. "How dare you take that tone with me." As He struck her bared ass with the riding crop.

Her body jerked and spasmed twice against the throngs of pain that edged up in red welts against her pale alabaster skin. Her faced buried in the soft confines of the pillow as she started sob. His head ducked down to the tender sides of her ribs, the left side firstly. He bit down on the soft flesh there grinding the skin betwixt His sharp teeth untill she screamed in a fit.

No, no please do not do that, I can not take it." She moaned.

He did not answer her, but bit down again just up from the red welt and again, and again, still she screamed in agony for Him to stop. He was not listening to her constant prattle of tongue.

"I can't take it anymore, please I love you. Stop. No more, no more." She whimpered as the tears soaked the pillow and her nose ran freely, her fingers dug tightly into the palm of her hands, cutting half moons into the flesh. Her head thrashed back and forth as she stole a look at Him with swollen eyes from the flooding tears.

"So help me, DO NOT LOOK AT ME!" His voice shook with the anger of her defiance, He was not going to take the back talking any longer.

Fine peaks of red points fleeted out along her alabaster skin from His bits, she lay on her stomach in a puddle of remorse. She heard Him take the clothes from His body and climb up behind her kneeling on the bed.

"On your knees slut." His cock hard, an echo of the passion that heated Him when He struck her and cause her pain. She did not comply fast enough and His hand came down sharply on her bare ass, a sounding crack echoed through the room followed by that of her intense whimpers she arose to meet His request.

"Let me in you cunt now, do not tighten up on me!"

She cried anew once more for she tried to let His cock in, to slide into her wet hole, but it would not, she felt Him grab her hair and pull her head up off the pillow, arching her back. He slide into her tight cunt with certain ease now, driving it home, in and out without a showing of mercy He fucked her. He used her as He wanted too, His grunts and growls fathomed up around them like a shroud. Showing her what she had brought upon herself, she had learned the word "Deference" in full. Thou shalt not trespass against thy Master......

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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