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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tantalizing Tribulations {Part 6}

Peering up to Him she did, her went idle, fingers ever so slightly splayed atop the eroded and pitted stone of some obscure mortal that had lost their life. She mused a moment or two at his comment ‘My Lil Vixen’. The right hand corner of her mouth, twitched almost without notice a quiet reflection of her arrogance. She all but drank in all His movements gauging his next move perchance? Distinctive articulate actions. His voice, surreal not of this earth or so it seemed, playing tricks upon her mind, for the underscore of his voice was almost commanding growl hidden beneath his well spoken manner hood. What in god’s creation had she met up with on this night as the wind seemed to pick up behind him, the creaking groan of the bare branches void of leaves moaned out eerily into the night. She gave a sound almost kindred to that of a grunt at his last comment, giving shrug as though she cared not what he called her.

“As you desire then.” Her tone flat, nonchalant even, her one hand still resting on the tombstone, the other now at her waist, the black leather of the trench coat bunching there, as it opened, revealing to him, the boots, thigh high black leather the faint glint of metallic boot heel as she shifts her weight from the left foot to that of the right. Naught much else could be seen in the dimness of night.

“Time?” She sneered now. “Whatever so do you mean by that Dirk?” Her stance slight more defensive in nature now, the green eyes narrowed slits of almost hateful distrust. “I am afraid I do not have the time to dally; the hour is late and I am tired. And slightly hostile; the longer I am kept from a warm fire and my glass of wine.” Her small house sat alone on the other side of the cemetery and now she was becoming agitated her tone touching on caustic. Her head tilted back as the moonlight cascaded a beam atop her, alabaster neck slender now fully exposed as she mocked him next each word hinted laughter. “Be gone with you man, you are not worth my time and effort. Take it to some filthy subservient slut or wench. For that I AM NOT.” Mutters something along the lines that…..”…be damned I would fight you tooth and nail…..”

She boldly turned to leave thusly momentarily turning her back on him to return back to the pathway that would take her home the rest of the way through the cemetery.

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That's Life

That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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