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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tantalizing Tribulations {Part 7}

As she turned on her heels to walk away, the beast sprang. Her words, caustic and defiant, scythed through Him like a blade and struck a nerve deep inside. No one speaks to Him like this. No mere mortal had ever addressed Him this way and lived. He had reduced these frail creatures to quivering masses, devouring on their souls as they prayed to be released from the depths of their agony. They submitted to His every whim if only they were allowed to die, for death was peaceful in contrast to the pain. And yet, as he launched Himself towards her, there was something about her that gave Him pause. Biting down harshly onto His tongue to control the raging demon that was now fully awake and aroused, He was beside her in two bounds. With the acrid metallic taste filing His mouth, breathing deep to suppress His anger and lust, He forced His voice to remain steady.

Grab her hair! Drag her back to the tree! Use your teeth! Put your hands to good use! Do it now!!

"That's no way to treat a gentlemen My Lil Vixen".
She stopped to look Him straight in the eye and that's when He acted. With snake-like speed His left hand was entwined in her hair, His right hand about her throat. His face so close to her lips He could smell the fruity aroma of her lipstick, "In fact", He sneered, His breath rustling a few wisps of her red mane that strayed across her fine face, "I would dare to venture that your disposition is down right rude, don't you think?"
She did not make a move or make a sound. Every muscle in His body coiled tight to deal with any fight that she might put up, screamed with tension and His hands began to shake. Her lack of resistance coming as a surprise.

Fight you bitch! claw at my wrists! bite my hand! kick and struggle why don't you! make this enjoyable!!

She remained steadfast, her body rigid and composed as she glared back at Him with eyes that smouldered brazenness and open impudence. The realization then hit Him like a hand out of the darkness almost knocking Him backwards. She was not afraid! This was exactly what she wanted. He had played right into her own diabolical game. A game where the rules were to be made up as the actors walked onto the un-earthly stage. Removing His hand with deliberate slowness from around her neck and taking a step back, a carnal grin uncurled across His lips as He released her hair feeling it curtain down the back of her coat.

"Excuse my impulsiveness m'lady, I didn't mean to frighten you. Perhaps you would like me to walk you home?"

From deep inside, the beast raised it's head and howled, it's foul breath rustling the leaves of the trees as it rushed out into the ink dark night.

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That's Life

That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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