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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tantalizing Tribulations {Part 4}

He watched her approach and His loins stirred from a long forgotten longing. A burning hunger that had to be repressed after ages of unsatisfactory encounters. His heart began to thud in His chest, His breath puffing out of His flared nostrils in small wisps, the hairs at the nape of His neck erect and tingling. A smile borne from the carcass of a thousand dead souls, crossed His face, pure evilness glowing from the shadowed features. His tongue flicked once more across His lips as He scrabbled forward silently, the sound muffled by the soft, moist soil of the freshly dug grave, the rich smell of the earth permeating His senses.
She must have heard something for suddenly, a glint of steel flashed in the cool night. His breath caught in His throat and He froze as the realization that she was armed hit Him.
"Shit!" He swore under His breath. This was an unexpected turn of events, but still within His control nevertheless. Just would not be as easy as He had hoped. His mind flashed back to the last time someone had resisted Him, or tried to, He corrected Himself. She had put up quite a fight, impressive for such a petite little thing. He had picked her up up not two blocks from here with promises of a hot meal, a shower and $200 for an hour of His entertainment. She was pretty, one of the better looking ones, legs accentuated by high heels, ending in tight ass, flowing blonde hair and lovely pert breasts. A shame about those breasts really, and what had to be done to them. She had collapsed like a rag doll finally, wetting herself, ruining the expensive stockings He had asked her to wear, when He had exercised His master-stroke upon the soft skin, nipples pushed erect by her sheer terror.

He shook His head, snapping out of His reverie. There was business at hand and this new woman was walking towards Him. He marvelled at her stride. Back erect, head held high, measured steps so perfectly in time, He could have composed a symphony - perhaps a swan song? he snickered. But His composure was short-lived as she turned towards Him and stopped not more than 3 metres from Him. His cock jumped within the tight constraints of His jeans, all feelings of relieving Himself again forgotten. An icy hand clamped across His chest, making it hard to breathe and His heart pounded so hard against His rib cage, He was forced to steady Himself against a cool, hard rock of a nearby headstone. How the fuck did she know He was here! Did she notice Him or sense Him? Had He spoken out aloud? His face prickled with anticipation and near awe at the sheer courage of this woman. She was stunningly beautiful, now that she was so close, Her features soft and delicately carved. A long neck flowing downwards to an ample bosom that rose and fell with her breath. A glimpse of defined cleavage beneath her coat, and He knew instantly how he could use that tight space. He slurped at the spittle that almost escaped His lips, trying to decide His next move-and then she spoke.

"Be you man or beast..."
The sound of her voice, delicately garnished by a thousand years, soft and lilting, accented by history, sent a bolt of bright blue electricity through Him that He had never felt before. It filled His ears with a thunderous roar, prickling His face and neck as it surged downwards through His belly to jolt against His loins. The beast awakened by the rude percussion, slowly raised it's head and growled, low, deep and long. It smelt her fear above the scent of her perfume - Lilac and Lavender, and the tattoo of her nails as it tapped atop the headstone, beat in perfect metre with it's cold dark heart.

He stepped out of the shadows on silent feet, the silvery moon cloaking Him in a shroud of obscurity and faced her.
"Good Evening m'lady, Please let me introduce myself". Glancing down at the small weapon in her right hand, His eyes flicked upward to meat her emerald orbs, bright in the reflective moonlight, before bowing to her,
"My name is Dirk"

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The Master Of Her Domain
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