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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Genesis {Part 3 of 3}

Days rushed by a flicker of blurred images. Near the end of the visit she took him to the huge fair to meet her Mother and aunt. Meet the man that now possessed her daughter fully-the night before he wrapped black silk ribbon around her neck as her temporary leash; her showing that she did know and understand that this was no game at that she was his, body, mind and soul. He came off as the perfect gentleman, the finesse, the stunning personality and how well they worked together, sat together, lived together. Mother was intrigued by him as was her aunt. They both could see that there was no hiding it, eyes would meet, a smoldering flare, for every fire is started with but the simplest of sparks.
Walking around the busy mid-way run he finds the urge to grab her breast and tweak it roughly. He had many thoughts tantalizing his thoughts. He remembered fingering her last night; bent over her body like a fiend he devoured her, licking, biting. A low heated growl came to life from the back of his throat.
She felt the sharp pain of his fingernails into the soft flesh side of her breast-she went braless just because she knew he liked it and she was enjoying teasing him in public. Her nipple hardened under the rough public grope. Turning her head into his shoulder she whimpered softly. And he answered with a grunt of glory quiet and low near her ear. She relished his attention basking in the pain, her face buried into the nape of his neck. Meanwhile the Mid-way was overrun with people.
He felt her shiver in his arms she could not scream out; but she could have-he knew she would not. His groin twitched with life his jeans feeling tightly restricting now all of a sudden. He enjoyed being able to mar her, fondle or grope her; this was something he could get used to. How he wanted to feel her lips around his cock and his hands around her pale alabaster throat. He had a sudden urge to toy with his'Pet', the “Animal Barn” was just a few hundred feet away.
She felt his arm go around her as he led her towards the barn, the wild gamey smell assulted her nostrils. It only took a few moments to know where she was being led too, the back of the Show Building. He shoved her up against the cold stone brick wall, straw strewn at their feet-he took no time in shoving his right hand up her skirt, void of panties. Without hesitation he pushed rough one finger and then two into her. She felt her knees buckle slightly-shock turned to a mask of pleasure as her head scrolled back and forth against the stone brick wall. Her fingernails scraped down the rough surface.
He was such an arogant prick at times, he watched her gain pleasure at his fingering, a few soft grunts as he pushed his fingers all the way in wiggling them against the inner walls of her cunt feeling the stickiness run between his fingers.
“..such a good girl aren't you precious?” He said more as a statement then a question.
Withdrawing roughly from her wet hole, not giving her the satisfaction of release, leaving her still pent up he gave her a slight push away from him. Licking his fingers he grinned most pleased with himself, like the cat that ate the Canary type look.
“...clean yourself up woman, pulled down that skirt you look like such a slut.” The smirk that played on his lips followed by him turning on his heels to leave her there prevoked action in her.
She adjusted the black skirt, tugging it down, her thighs sticky and slick she could feel it as she almost ran to him while fixing her hair smoothing back the roughness. Unfullfilled on the fact that she wanted to suck on his cock, but was denied this-she found out as they went along that his pleasure was her pleasure. The sounds he would make, the actions he would create as she sucked on his cock, her tongue dancing over the moise tip. She wrapped her arm in his, the pout present deeply marking her displeasure in the whole affair-but alas wanting him more, knowing there was only one more day left to this exploration, and the fullfillment of her dream-her one request.
She would do anything for him, of this she knew, her body craved him. A roaring hunger was thriving to life as the fountain of her desire spilt freely for him now. He would be gone shortly returning home, leaving her behind. She would follow him anywhere. She would give him all of her. She would start a new life, the one she has always wanted....

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The Master Of Her Domain
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