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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Genesis {Part 2 of 3}

"By spherical predominance; drunkards, liars, and adulterers, by an enforced obedience of planetary influence; and all that we are evil in, by a divine thrusting on: an admirable evasion
of whoremaster man to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of a star!"

She would never forget the forging lust in his dark eyes, the way he looked at her, and all her will would crumble as she would bow down and submit with but the simplest of glances. His growl deep and stern as she knew she had awaken something that had been slumbering just awaiting to be brought forth. The first time he tangled her hair in his hand, her sca lp cried out in stinging pain, as he drew her head closer to his cock so just that of the tip of her tongue danced on the already wet tip. She would look up at him with adoring eyes as she enveloped the tip into her hot wet mouth tasting him freely the saltly bitter sweetness of his arousal. He could twist and contort her body on the Hotel bed with but a grunt, no words were needed.
The third night she stayed till dawn the next day in the Hotel. This night he bared free and let the beast within reign, following what he had always wanted. To be in total control. The first time he slapped her her eyes were wide at first with sudden shock as her left cheek stung. And he struck her again the sharp sounding smack floating over the drone of the cheap clock radio. She whimpered but wanted more. Again, was this wrong? He had ripped her jeans and black lace panties off of her pale alabaster legs. Even his claw marks left red welts along the creamy white skin, his hand such a dark contrast against the white. Her heart leapt in fear till he grunted loudly and rather uncermoniously jamming his two fingers into her cunt. Which was wet bearing out her guilt that this drove her heat up and excited her just as much as him.
“..no.....” She whimpered outloud, more so in thinking out loud.
He stopped drumming his fingers in and out of her momentarily still halfways penetrating her wetly. He smirked and reached up, tweaking her nipple roughly-he had alwas wanted to do that. To be able to feel the sponginess under his bare fingers. He did it again, and relished the squeals she made, so he ignored her exposed cunt and went back and forth between each nipple.
“...ahhh..” He exclaimed as he pushed back those two fingers into her wet tight hole, which clearly tried to pushed out his thursting digits.
She squirmed beneath him as he toyed with her, moving her, dragging her, hurting her-testing new boundaries in pain. He tested each finger in her though he ventured three in pushing them deep inside till he felt the walls of her pussy clamp tightly down on them. He drew out scribbles of her juice down her inner thighs. He bit her innter thighs too till tiny red welts blossomed. He had not experienced this but he knew what he wanted. Her. They had both talked about this prior for months so both were ready. To see what would happen and who was exactly taming who.
“..You said you would submit everything all of you. Remember bitch?” He felt the heat rush through his veins as he spoke to her in a voice that was not his own, a lowly deep growl emited from his mouth.
He bent over and bit her nipple he could not resist, and after all she was now his. All of her. He sneered as his teeth clamped down on the soft flesh, her lower back did arc off of the bed as she hissed out her answer to him between clenched teeth.
“YES! Use me as you want.....”There was more, but it was lost in the garbled moan, for the pain brought her a rush of pleasure. “..may I have more please?..” She begged as she felt him crawl atop of her now, straddling her, his cock in hand as he stroked himself, his cock twitching with life he looked down on her and tweaked her nipples roughly till she would buck underneath him.
“..whose your Master? Who gets all of this?..Hmmm..tell me whore who you belong too....” His voice had a razors edge to it as he grunted, her soft voice came back to Him
“..You are....” Came her reply-she was his-she had asked for him.
A loud grunt and he jerked twice as he came, hot spurting all over her exposed breasts. His body jerked again; he rubbed it into her breasts leaving red marks where he roughly had her tender flesh.
Her eyes wide open she watch his cock explode over her tits, hot and sticky she could feel it roll off the round curve of her breast and down her side. She squealed in protest as he squeezed her whole left breast in his hand and gave it a pert wet slap.
“..go clean yourself up woman and have your bath..” As he dismissed her rising off her body and rolled over picking up the remote, ignoring her now.....

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The Master Of Her Domain
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