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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Genesis {Part 1 of 3}

"The White Rabbit put on his spectacles. 'Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?' he asked. 'Begin at the beginning,' the King said gravely, 'and go on till you come to the end: then stop.'"

It all started with a plea, a wanting and yearning that tugged at my heart till it ached so fiercely it would bring tears to my eyes. And it was not for my husband my heart did quiver so. It was for another. But here's the twisted part, I had not met him yet. But yet I pined for him more and more as the years past by, I grew rebelious and anxious. I was very unhappy but locked into a relationship that stopped spinning happily years ago. Almost eighteen years had passed by, encroaching to forty, but still just over thirty-five and full of vigor and life that lay dorment were now a flame. The time was near, I felt this and sent one last plea out into the universe, to who ever was listening. “....please where is he? I know there is one out there, I can feel it...please, just this one thing....”

And well then it happened. A long story rolled up quickly.Blogging can be a wonderful thing. I came across such a site that made a song sing through me. A collective tone of verse and visual I was intrigued I wanted to know more. So I left a comment lo' to behold he too had be been around my site reading and wondering who or what was at the other end. {Don't we all want to know what is on the otherside?} Soon comments led to IM {Instant Messenger} and we bantered back and forth.I met this voice-well text, his personality reached out and entangled me. I knew even then oddly there was he before me. The more I got to know him; he was so dominant a touch arrogant, but there was a softening in his hard eyes everytime we saw one another as we now ventured face to face over a monitor, thousands of miles away. He came a few months later to visit. I was so sure I was frightened after all I was still legally married at this time. I paced awaiting him, my life was opening doors so fast. Did I want a Master? Yes. Did I want to be a man's prized possession? Yes. Was this really him, he that I would call Master for the rest of my days? Yes. And I had not even touched him. Though he touched me I swear each night I felt his hand, fingers probing between my legs fingering me with soft quiet slurping noises. Or was it my own hands, fingers rubbing and poking giving me a hot dream? Of this I will never know-nor will I question that. I held my breath as my eyes scanned the crowd disembarking the plane. I knew him at first sight. His eyes, dark brown but oddly with a pale ice blue ring, rather eerie and erotic. He had but to look at me there from the luggage carrier, and I was wet instantly as a familair hand caressed my inner thighs. A soft mewing sigh escaped my lips. I swooned indeed and went weak as his arms went around me, crushing my breasts roughly against his chest. At first sight at the Airport, I thought I would be sick I was so scared but tingled with pent up knowing 'things'.
He stayed in a near-by hotel, I drove us there. We talked like we had known each other for years, I was at ease instantly. And he had such a great ass. He asked me to come up to the room and without thinking that is exactly what I did, The room was small but clean as I sat down on one of the lame coloured chairs and watched him. Way do the men always flop on the bed first? I snicker softly to myself and calmly stand and sit on the righ hand edge of the bed. I wore jeans and a loose fitting grey silky blouse,

“Comfortable? Hmmm” My voice drones softly

His laughter sent chills down my spine, as I grin. “..lie back and I will give you a massage, that flight was a long one.” All spoken with the purest of intentions of course,

He does as required an rolls over onto his stomach as I straddle him giggles softly, my hair tickles against his arm I feel him shiver beneath me. He likes long hair it was clearly apparent for he seemed preoccupied with it; touching it constantly.

My cold hands slip up cooly against his hot skin, as it is August here and the heat rages outside; the AC brung a fine shiver of goose bumps, nipples hardening instantly to the cold chill in the room. I hear him sigh as his body seemed to relax almost instantly as my fingers dug into his flesh. A flash of thought of being daring-do something I would not normally do but felt so natural. I lifted my top, his own dark t-shirt pushed up his back. I leaned over and touched my erect nipples down against the feverished flesh of his back. With an evil grin I felt his body stiffen as he was very wide awake now. I giggled rather innocently tugging my shirt down I nuzzled up against his back. I cleared my throat and huskily spoke into his ear “....well that was totally unexpected, now wasn't it?”

He gave a chuckle and smirked ”..a finehowdoyoudo....”

He leaned up and kissed her his hand twisted in the long mane of coppery tresses of her hair-he had been wanting to do that since seeing her at the Airport. It felt just as silky as he thought, giving is sharp hard tug. He listened to her whimper and his cock grew hard-flinching in his jeans. The beast within him, was awakening, one eye open and the toothy maw twitched with life.

She knew why she had come, he was the one that was going to 'own' her, she was going to pledge herself wholy to him and him alone. She yearned to be his possession nothing else would please her. It seemed as he kissed her she felt herself willing to submit to anything he wanted. She whimpered as he tugged her hair, she wanted more of this. Was ths wrong. she thought. Her eyes to his face meandering over the features, this was he that haunted her dreams, pulled her heart towards him, his lair, his life, his being. He would be the one that would collar her, stand over her, and try to tame her, quell that rebelious nature in her, the fire bred in redheads, with a full Irish backbone. The Taming of Calisto shall begin at the start.


D'jierke (The One) said...

There was a time when this wretched soul was alone amongst the multitude of humanity. Once boredom and ennui ruled my world. Not seeking but looking, not wanting but yearning, I stumbled upon a refuge where my heart soared and my mind raced. A haven for my dark desires and where my thoughts could twist in the raging wind from your tormented soul. I have never looked back My Precious. With your hand in mine and my collar across your neck, you will stay mine forever.
Your One

Will said...

You really are an extraordinary writer.
From beginning, to end, I loved this post.



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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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