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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When vantage like a pair of twins appear'd

Oh my two beauties,
Red, full and wet!
Twin sets of turgid lips,
Which do I love best.
Twin sisters beyond compare,
One midst a pale face white and fair,
The other nestled in luxuriant Raven-black hair.
How I long to kiss, lick,
bite and stare,
Breath in your perfumed breathes,
Fondle and caress.
Oh my two beauties,
Bright, ripe and succulent,
Lush orchids that complement,
How I love your perfvidities.
Those pouting lips,
That honey running fount,
Bend o'er me thy perfumed hips
That I may suck from that scented mouth
That sweet nectar that is wine to my lips.
Black bearded beast, fragrant flower of the night
Spread well those turgid petals to my sight,
Entwine me in those musky tendrils tight,
but That I may cat-like lap that soft hooded bud.
Kiss me now this very hour
Do give me that rose-budded flower
glistening from dabbing in the lukewarm blood of men.
Oh give me such bliss.
Give me those red pouting lips,
That I may languidly kiss
And suck from that honey-scented mouth
The sweet vapour that is thy soul
And into mine dissolve,
Wine into water,
water into wine;
You into me and me into the divine......

Calisto Demon

1 comment:

D'jierke (The One) said...

"Prove to me that you're divine, turn this water into wine"
Drunk I always am, having sipped from your lips. Have I told you that I love kissing you?

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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