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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Dreamt.... {Part 1 of 6}

"... and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Outside darkness hung like a black shroud; the snow was falling. Like cracking glass it formed leaf-like patterns upon the black-green frosted windows. The candle light made the patterns glitter like diamond dust upon a black velvet cloth. Inside heated by the sandal wood firethe vapours from the pot pourri filtered through the candle lit room. The scent of rose, geranium, apple-blossom, ambergris and musk combined with the mellifluous tones of Debussy's 'Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun' to make my mind reel. Shadows danced over portraits by Arcrimboldo and the velvet wings of moths embroidered in arabesque-like tapestries, which hang on mahogany and rose wood walls, while myriad colours refracted through crystal bowls in which violets floated in rose-water.
Eerie forms where given by the green light to tomatoes, zucchinis and other vegetable which lay across a black marble table on which stood gold gilded ebony candelabra. The leaves of Caladiums, Echinopsis, the meat coloured Aurora Borealis, Nidulariums and meat eating Sarracena and Cephalothus swayed to the caresses of warm currents convecting throughout the room.Xanadu scenes, the realm of Coleridges 'Kubla Khan', were lapidated in the black marble with sapphires blue fires, greenish-grey cats-eyes phosphorescing green light and blood red rubies rippling light through the scent saturated atmosphere. Pot pourris of scent and sound with myriad combinations of subtleties and nuances sent my thoughts into delirium and made me feel as if warm liquids were circulating through my brain. Apple-blossom-ambergris, rose-musk and geranium-sandalwood duets, musk-geranium-ambergris and apple-blossom-rose-musk triptets and subtle nuanced combos played scented melodies on the fibres of my mind. My mind felt as if it was floating in a green glowing scented warm pool.Panting, my fingers played upon my moist cunt lips the hood of my clit curled back and in the mirror reflecting a million candle flames I could see the pink bud expand with blood and prong out like some turgid cows teat.Warm currents of fire heated my womb, flowed over my pussy and ascended up my limbs to flare in my brain like some fire works display. The mirror reflected my gaping twat in all its moist glory - pink labial lips like blossoming petals of a rose. My splayed legs tensed and I could see them quiver as from my pouting pussy lips spread wide, like some giant hot house flower basking in the sun. I gushed all over the mirror sending the reflection into a kaleidoscope of refractions and colours. Enveloping the plush carpet the spend shimmered like a great green phosphorant pool . From my flower petal like lips out rushed great sighs adding a kind of complementarity to the finishing notes of Debussy'. Great waves of ecstasy rushed through every limb and my mind experienced a dazzling white light which pervaded every neuron of my now ecstatic brain. Reclining I slumped in the embroidered saffron-silk cushions my thighs glistening as over the floor a great pool of shimmering liquid spread between my now limpid thighs. The heat, aromas and lilting tones washed overme my mind aglow. Swooning I fell back then in a delicious delirium..............................................

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D'jierke (The One) said...

ah m'lady...it seems that the rigours of daily life has caused me to fall by the way-side. I have much to catch up on but it does appear that life with you by my side does take precedence and is much more enjoyable when it is your soft flesh between my fingers or under my palm. Deliciousness is your warm breath on my shoulder at night, your breasts pushed into my arm. Happiness is your smile and your voice that greets me each morn. Lust is the feel of your cunt gripping my cock with urgency and desire.

That's Life

That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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