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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nips Of Satisfaction {For Bonus Marks}

She lay on the bed on her back, her arms above her head, unclothed. She did not move about, barely breathed in the stillness of the dark. Fear she tasted at the back of her throat bitter and constricting, her eyes wide seeing nothing within the room a black velvet shroud of darkness blinded; her wrists bound by a silken sash, the very one she had worn only hours ago at dinner. Her perfectly set make-up had smeared slightly tainting the perfection. The door opened emitting a crack of light, she knew He had come for her now; she began to whimper and cry again. Black riverlets of mascara ran down her cheeks and coated shadows smudged under her dark green eyes, her coppery coffered mane a tangle of curls and sparkling barrettes. Her alabaster body a bright beacon upon the dark sheets that lined His bed.

Four hours ago they were dining and an hour ago He had brought her home and He had left her tied this way to His bed, along both her sides were nips, tiny bites laid out in a kaleidoscope pattern of randomness. She had begged Him not too harm her. She had whimpered for Him to stop. She cried fully and squealed in a burning pain that made her eyes fill and spill those pent up tears.

He had sat on her at her waist, straddling, His long black hair wild, the ends tickled her belly, her breasts. He had ducked down with His head, kissed along her breasts, down the right side. And that was when He struck, He nipped sharply into that tender flesh of her side. The feeling of her skin between His teeth erotic, compelling and His power over her.

An electric searing white jolt of pain cascaded through her body, as she squealed loudly in sudden shocked surprise. And then another bite, and then another. He was not stopping she began to whimper and her body bucked, the tears were welling up now. Each bite felt like the stinging of a hornet, and the tiny red welt was now like a badge of courage. The pain from such a small nip was incredible, tiny stinging welts each singing higher as another was added to the white canvas of her sides. She cried for Him to stop, but secretly desired more. A fine sheen of perspiration lined her body, though the room was not hot. In her mind a brimming flicker of colour, pain reflected in many shades in her head, her mind screeched in screams of agony. But her body ached in pleasure. The soreness was intense; her nipples both rock hard pellets as she cried out now, the pain unbearable for her to contain herself. She tried to buck Him off of her and if she could, she would have clawed out at Him. As she cried her eyes stung with the mascara that had once lined her lashes.

…NoooOooo more please. Stop…

She cries openly now, her hair matting to her pretty face. Her body taken over by the jolts of pain by such a simple action; she felt His teeth dig into her skin, she cried out again louder. The salt of her tears tainting her lips, salted sweet. Her throat dry, her head reeled and her lower back arched upwards violently. She bucked against the bounds of her wrists, the silken sash cutting into her delicate wrists each time she moved. He held her down with all His weight the growl was fierce and foreboding as He felt her try to toss Him aside. Moving over to the other side, He nipped at her without mercy, pinching narrow pieces of her skin between His teeth, only the slightest of pressures on His part and she would wail for Him to stop. Her breasts bounced as she tried to fight him, her legs moved, but did not hinder Him. She knew better. He growled and snapped at her for her defiance and disobedience trying to dislodge Him. He could feel her tender flesh roll between His teeth, He did not stop, He wished to push her to her limits.

…But I want more Precious…

He reared up His head looked at her; the muted light of the other room slipped in and illuminated the state of her. She was distraught, her face a smearing of black and red, the lipstick made it look as though her lower lip bled. She sniffled and cried, murmuring she could not take any more. Spoken through the sobbing as her head thrashed left, and right so much whimpering and crying it was hard to understand her.

I..I….I can’t. It hurts. Stop Master…

He growled again, her sides marked in tiny red welts; there was at least twenty in total. He sneered at her, His eyes narrowed at her, His mask reflected an airs of disappointment at her, taking His right hand, He reached over and tweaked her nipple, the left one. Hard did He turn the swollen nub in His fingers, as she jerked, cried and whimpered, He felt each pang run through His body and vibrate through His groin, His cock already hard, by her movements and sounds making His carnal lust peer forward, throbbing and ready to receive..

…Beg my Precious. Beg…

She closed her eyes, her head thrashed twice back and forth and was still there after. Opening her eyes, she whimpered, her nose running, tears still streaming down her face. As He bit into her side again nipping her once more with His teeth, His lips, all now caused her the same stinging pain. She was soaked, dripping from her cunt, the pain aroused her, making her burn all the more for Him, and the whimpering moans came softly, each word etched with her devotion to Him.

…Please no more Master. I can not. It hurts to much. Please stop, I am begging you..

A deep satisfied grin delved onto His face as He looked at her, His First, His Woman, her head turned now away, buried into her long coppery hair, she cried. She cried for Him. As she sobbed, He pulled her up and close to Him, letting her tears run down His naked chest, His strong hands, now soothed her, held her close to Him. He whispered softly to His First’s ear, calming her. His fingers in her hair taming the twisted locks, stroking her back until the sounds ebbed away…

…Quiet Precious. The ordeal is over. Hush now. Shhhhh…There are no more transgressions to pay for on this day…

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D'jierke (The One) said...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
I believed in you from the moment I first saw you. I never doubted for one moment that you would not start writing again. Your words pulled me to you, your words held me to you, your words continue to lure me to you - a moth to your flame. Never change My Precious. I will hold you forever.

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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