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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Divinity In Lolli-pops {Part 2}

He led her, His First, by her soft hand down the corridor towards the Storage Unit quarter; the door loomed up on the both of them. The rattle of the keys in His hand brought shivers of apprehension and pleasure, a length of goose pimples ran down her arms sending the fine hairs straight. She knew well again then to even breath one word, her head bowed she looked at their feet, boots on His feet and black leather ballet slippers on hers, her alabaster skin a sharp contrast to the ebony shiny black leather. Her ass cheeks still stung from the strap He had used on her the hour just prior, and made her count to ten on each side. If she lost track He would have started over again at one. Her lower lip quivered, hidden by the veil of her coppery hair as they passed through one door, He flicked on the light, it pulsated lazily to life illuminating the small space to the next door, which He like a gentleman opened for that of His First, and released her hand, ushered her in with a push at her lower back like a sacrifice into the ominous darkness ahead. She knew where she was going, about twenty paces straight ahead.

The scent of mature lumber, boxes and dust floats up into her nostrils as the lights come on over head the hiss of electricity throbs through the bulbs. She stops in front of one wooden and wired locker in particular, it’s shining lock like a beacon against the roughness of the wood; she stands facing the slatted wood door, the rough splinters like barbs she notices right away. Her cheeks flushed from the tears she had spilt earlier, she gives a near silent whimper.

..Silence sweetheart..

Foot steps behind her, confident and loud. Silence as He stops behind her, and His arms come around her in an embrace, though His hands roughly dig through her sweater and blouse, she whimpers and she feels His fingernails cut through the cloth. He slides roughly tearing almost at her garments, gripping her breasts hard, pinches her nipples till her eyes watered and still she stayed silent. This aroused Him all the more, as He hisses and leans in biting her earlobe He lifts her sweater and blouse, she is not wearing a bra, just like He requested. With a dark hooded lust He grips her breasts, nipples pointed forward almost like taunt bud tight and full and He leisurely drags both nipples over the rough splintered wood of the door. How He relished causing her pain, He could see the splinters scratching and poking into the soft tender flesh of both nipples, now an angry red.

He grunted near her ear and pulled her back roughly opening the door, He pulled it open and thrust her inside of it, closing the door, and walking away. He turned off the light, and just stood there snickering in the darkness tormenting her perhaps. She knealt there for a moment, unsure, then the lights flicked back on and she heard Him walking back.

He had undone His belt buckle; the metallic sound echoed in the Storage Room as He approached the Locker in which He placed her, He was pleased she was on her knees. He sneered at her, to come forward and stick out her tongue as He pushed His cock between the slats of wood that made up the simple door. He watched her comply in the bright light, her jeans filthy from the grime and dust on the cement floor.

She sucked His cock between the wooden slats, which sharply tickled her lips as she hungrily fed on His hard member. The wooden door rattled weakly as He pushed against it. She bit into the soft foreskin, showing a touch of her usual defiance at being treated in such a manner. She would pay for that transgression later.

..such a Nasty Whore..

He grunted once more as the door rattled in His firm grasp. A shudder went through Him as He felt a grazing of her teeth over the sensitive tip.

…Mind the teeth Precious…

Her tongue flicked over the head, tasting His pre-cum, savouring the bitter tangy. Her hand slipped up her sweater as she squeezed her right breast, bruised and bitten she bares His mark with pride and sheer devotion. She can feel the throb of His cock as she sucks the tip in earnest, sloppy like a beginner, taking her first cock sucking lesson. She craved Him like an addiction and sold her soul to the very Devil hisself. Greed a Demon that she can not shake. Suddenly that cock she worships is pulled away and gone. She growls and snarls almost like a Hell-Cat, crouched, red hair wild she glares at Him.

He smirked at her caged.

…That is enough for now My First…


Pixiepie said...

i can't seem to get enough of this blog.

D'jierke (The One) said...

"Watch the teeth, My Precious!", indeed. Memories of those delicately sharp canines still lingers along the back of my mind. It does get her into so much trouble now doesn't it?
Something I have not shared until now-I could feel the vibration from the raw wood as your nipples were raked across it, tingle through my fingers. It was a sensation unlike no other. Heat from your face brushed warm against my cheek. It aroused, exhilarated and impassioned me. Thank you for your gift m'lady.

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