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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Divinity In Lolli-pops

The air heavy with impending moisture as the two walked through the trails on the trail. All she could think about was His cock nestled in His jeans as He walked in front of her. Branches curled over the trail like a fine green lace canopy. She walked behind Him, chattering away about things, she was a chatterbox indeed-He thought to Himself smiling as He strode ahead twapping at the trees with a stick He had picked up along the way. All she could think of was that of His taste, the texture of His skin. It suddenly went quiet; He stopped and turned around, she was standing in the middle of the trail. And well she was now giggling, her shirt drawn up almost over her head and her breast bounced freely in the late afternoon breeze, the nipples hardening instantly in the cold shade. Soft silent sight rolled from her lips fluently remembering His sounds; hands vicious in her hair pulling and tugging.

….wicked woman….and your mine…

Came to her ears as she grinned with pride dropping down her shirt that innocent look in her eyes made His crotch ache painfully aware of her natural abilities, expecting to get away with her open display, a childish impish grin danced on her lips, the tip of her pert pink tongue darted out caressing them wetly. She could almost taste His cock over her tongue now, the bitter sweetness, the tangy delight she craved for was so near. Greedy yes she was, just for Him. No other made her burn and submit herself as He did.

He wore a mask of illusion a flicker of annoyance up His face, stern as He scolded her with His eyes. She now stepped forward, almost a girlish skip to her saunter. She stops before Him, the wicked grin never leaving her lips as her hand comes out reaches tugs at His shirt lightly. Not even one word spoke between them, there is none ever needed. After all she is the First and He is the One. She slips soundlessly to her knees, the dirt of the path grinds into her jeans as she settles herself down.

In those few moments He has produced His cock from the denim confines, in which springs to life almost before her very eyes. She knows what is expected of her, as she darts out her pink wet tongue, a misty vapour seems to rise off the wetness. She licks around the tip as her hands clutch against His upper thighs, fingernails digging ever so slightly. She suckles just the tip of His cock, her tongue, swirls-dances against the sensitive tip. Tasting Him. Savouring all that He has to offer her on this darking trail in the woods. Slowly, lips tightly pursed together, she sucks down the pulsating shaft of His cock, she can feel the throbbing heart beat of the beast with in. Quivering member stiffens with ease in her mouth as she continues, taking the tip of her tongue only around the base of His head; paying special attention the ridge, running the edge with painful utter slowness. Her canine teeth sharp to begin with, graze down His shaft, with gleeful eyes, accidentally on purpose would be her exclaimed defence.

..watch those….teeth bitch…

Came the jolting hiss to her ears as His hands, both to her wind tangled mane ensnarl and ensnare His fingers. She answers back with a near silent snarl of her own. Her tongue lashed out for more of His cock. A faint pouting sultry whimper comes from her lips as He tugs back, with a hissing growl, His eyes ringed dark and foreboding. A stringing thread of her spittle floats from the tip of His wet cock, to her lower lip. She snarls as He roughly pulls her to her feet and kisses her. Rather roguish violent mashing of His lips to hers. His power over her, as her knees weaken. He grins, and all but howls proudly over her.

…Come Precious..Time to go home….

He leads her back out of the woods to home as the sun sets behind them in wild oranges, pinks and purples. Turning the background of the forest ebony black. A sour pout plays upon her lips at being denied what she most wanted, yearned for....

Greed follows after her, clinging to her leg like a Demon….

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D'jierke (The One) said...

ah! what are you doing to me m'lady. These memories are rippling through my head like a riptide now. Yearning runs down my spine in little rivulets and my fingers twitch for your touch. I remember it all so vividly now, even feel the dampness on my skin...and those teeth. We'll discuss those teeth later shall we...?

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The Master Of Her Domain
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