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Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Transit

The dull illumescent glow of the lamp standard above her buzzed insanely. She was soaked straight through, standing alone at the bus stop. Her arms were crossed over her ample breasts, nipples erect from the sheer cold wetness that saturated her. And now they wetly stuck together as the rain continued to fall without mercy in almost sleeting sheets. Wisps’ of her breath danced before her pale alabaster face, coppery red hair plastered to her face, mascara slightly running, giving a dark morbid erotic smudges beneath both her green eyes. A black pleather coat, that kind that almost looked like leather belted tightly around her waist, hung to mid thigh, barely showing the pleated lines of red tartan mini skirt. Her legs, bare, wet as riverlets of rain water ran down the back of her legs, she shivered-sending a fine arcing spray from her dripping form. There were even puddles forming in her low heeled ankle boots. She sniffled slightly, eyes left and right. That flashy black car had driven around the block now twice. Perhaps they were just lost. And then again. Perhaps they were not.

A rat ran by her against the curb splashing in the water not even giving her heed.

Her question was answered again, as she watched it slink by, slower this time, she could see the windshield wipers sliding smoothly back and forth. It was one of those fancy European cars; she could never remember the name of. Sleek lines and low profile. She could also make out the silhouette of the driver now in the soft eerie glow of his dashboard. She turned her head away, she looked to the Devil his self she was sure as she wished the weirdo would just carry on. She was not one of those working girls that leached out of the dark.

She caught the brightening of the tail lights as he braked and stopped a half block down in the middle of the street. Should she run? But to where? It was fucking 3am. And then the white lights of reverse, as the car expertly backed up without waiver till it was directly in front of her. Then the window rolled down, power one, for it rolled smoothly down.

“Need a lift?” Came a firm worldly voice holding to any accent that her ears wished to hear.

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D'jierke (The One) said...

well, well m'lady. I knew you could do it. Those dark thoughts and dreams that lurk amidst the corridors of your mind, must sooner or later appear. I like this one. I like it very much. Could I have more please?

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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