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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

His Displeasure

The First was on her back, naked except for the black skirt bunched around her waist. Her back was arched almost painfully upwards, pushing her breasts out. Smeared brown by mud and dead leaved her nipples stood erect and pointed, at attention, pulled taut by the wooden clothes pegs that pinched painfully against the tender flesh. Her face was buried deep into the pet’s snatch, lips clamped into the soft folds of the pet’s soaked cunt. She lapped urgently, her pink tongue swirling around the soft labia, flicking in and out of the glistening hole. Even if she wanted to move, she was unable to, trapped as she was by the pet’s knees planted firmly on her hair, pressing into the sodden earth. The pet moaned, the sound of her voice muffled and wet as she sucked on The Master’s cock.

Kneeling at His feet, her thighs stretched over the face of His First, she bucked and wiggled as His First’s tongue probed her tight cunt sending tendrils of electricity surging through her belly, tickling her spine. She was having difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. She tried to breathe. She whimpered. She flicked her tongue over the tip of His cock, sucking along the ridge of its head. She could feel it jump in her mouth, taste His pre-cum as it leaked out, bitter-sweet and viscous. His scent was strong, flowing into her flared nostrils filling her head, making her juices flow stronger.
She jumped again as His First bit down on her engorged clit, She let out a tiny scream of pleasure and pain. The pet almost let go of The Master’s cock, a transgression she would pay for dearly should she allow it to slip from her mouth. She moaned again as His fist tightened against her hair, knuckles viciously digging into her scalp.
From between her thighs His First also moaned as wetness poured out of her cunt, to run down her cheek. The Master was getting impatient. She could hear His growls rumbling from His belly, her face inches away as her head bobbed up and down on His cock, guided by His rough hand. She was very acutely aware that in her enjoyment of His First licking her pussy, she was denying Him her full attention. She knew it was wrong. But the sensation of His cock, His taste, as it glided in and out of her mouth, combined with the pleasures of His First’s dancing tongue was almost too much to bear.

And then He moved.

“Enough pet!” He snarled as her head was yanked backwards furiously by her long lustrous hair, now tangled and soaked from the falling rain.
“Oww”, she squeaked, eyes closed tightly against the assault as she was unceremoniously tossed aside. She landed on the soft damp earth with a hard thump, her breath rushing out of her in a whoosh. She swallowed, tasting Him. She wanted more, she bowed her head.

The Master stood now, straddled over His First. She looked up at Him, her green eyes aflame at the rude interruption. She stared up at Him from her place on the ground. Juices from the pet, glistened against her lips, mixed with the falling rain to flow down her face. His face was shadowed by a dark frustration and yearning. His cock stood hard and erect, shining and dripping. His First knew better than to question His actions. As much as she had enjoyed drinking from the pet’s dripping cunt, tasting the sharp fluid so sticky and warm, she was His First for one reason and one reason only. She knew her place. She knew what was expected of her even without The Master having to vocalize it. She sat up, propping herself up on her elbows. She was filthy from lying in the mud. Her beautiful red hair was matted and stringy. Leaves clung to her like leeches. An earth worm, slimy and wet, dangled desperately from the flesh of her back before losing grip to fall with a soft plop back to the ground.

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D'jierke (The One) said...

Now isn't that a good girl. Obedience and compliance - so easily done. I wonder what could possibly happen next? I could venture a guess but I like surprises.
Entertain and indulge me. Occupy my every fantasy as only you know best...:-)

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