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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sinister Unceremonious Requests {Part One}

Sinister Unceremonious Requests
Night, clouds wayward across the midnight sky. A tolling of a bell rang out in the distance signalling the hour as two. Two in the morning. She blinked; four hours she had been like this. Tied to a tree, her arms twisted behind her around the young sapling of a tree, the coarse bark cut into the tender points of the underside of both slender wrists. Turning an angry red from the sharp fibres of the rope, and the bark combined. Her head ducked, bowed low so that her chin met graciously her chest-her dress moulded wetly to her body. The pert full yearning roundness of her breasts, nipples painfully erect in the cold dampness jutted through the cotton cloth. Down over her belly the gentle roll of her hips to the sharp “Y” crossing of her upper thighs-fully exposing the delicate shape of her sex. It had rained at one point in the last four hours she assumed lifting her head, her hair matted against her dirt smudge face, moss and leaf strewn, the coppery tangles of her hair twisted loosely over her partially bared right breast, the Burgundy cloth of the bodice had been savagely torn t’would seem in a heated vicious lust filled moment of sadistic need. Upon closer inspection, a faint tracing of immoral scratches, animalistic-bestial in nature scored her alabaster flesh. A few beads of red cimson blood had been spilt from those infernal scratches, as had a rough tongue grazed over it as well, smearing it to as it was now. Her feet bare and dirty from the mud of the road, and then from the field in which she aimlessly had ran through high grown golden wheat, the golden yellow undulating fair hued swollen seeded heads parted in cascading waves, but to no avail. He caught her in the end as she fell to her knees splaying out face down in the mud. All she could remember was the sinister dark hooded look in his eyes as his stare bore down on her and directly through her. And then her world pitched almost fully black as she heard the peaking bells of the distant Church; she thought t’was abandoned. Now suddenly she heard a noise pulling her from her hazed thoughts of current events, blinking her dark green eyes slightly out of focus she saw naught but heard everything.

A deep unearthly growling howl tore into the dark silent fabric of the night, that ran a length of prickling fright over her, from head to toes which were curling in sheer horror as the heavy sound of snapping branches and twigs as something wicked this way comes…….

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Djierke said...

I had to red this twice, m'lady. A dark and sinister tale indeed. Another door within the corridors of your mind seems to have come unlocked with the soft snick of a latch. May I step inside please?

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The Master Of Her Domain
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