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Friday, June 8, 2007

Jaded {Part Twenty-One}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

"Please, Vince, would you like to draw me again now?"

"With pleasure but my pastels are still in the mansion."

"No need of pastels, you have your fingers and tongue. Please paint me with them, let your hands follow my curves and paint me with them, make me feel my shapes, I have never been caressed that way by a painter."

The temptation was great. Before accepting Jade's plea, Vincent's sex was already growing slightly. She had asked him to paint her body with such gentleness that he could not refuse her.

He began to draw her face, his fingers drawing first the oval, then the eyebrows, the nose, the mouth. Jade opened slightly her lips while Vincent's hands began to caress her neck. His fingers were now on her shoulders and she was quivering in anticipation to the moment he would draw her breasts.

He was as aroused as her, feeling her silky skin under his fingers, feeling her desire, smelling the aroma of her now wet sex rising up to his nostrils. When he began to draw her erect nipples she began to moan, arching her back to better offer her breasts to his hands.

"Please kiss my nipples, draw them with your tongue Vincent, please do." He knew, as her, that he was crossing the border here but he did not care any more and soon his lips were around her tender nipples, brushing them slightly, licking them and biting them gently.

Jade was breathing quicker, moaning loudly now as if he had penetrated her. She was so sensual that only the contact of Vincent's hands and mouth on her breasts was making her climax. Vincent could not believe it when he saw her having her first orgasm. He thought she was satisfied but she then asked him to draw her flanks, her belly, her thighs, her pussy, her secret flower.

She knew now it would be him, she knew he was the man she would offer her virginity. Seeing his erect beautiful penis, she took it between her hands and licked the head, making Vince moan in turn. Then she opened her thighs:

"Please, Vincent, make me woman but... be kind, as it is the very first time."

Vincent suddenly felt very clumsy, not daring to penetrate her, so afraid to hurt her. But he was so aroused and Jade was begging him now so tenderly with her eyes, with her words, with her silky pink lips opened and glistening, waiting for his sex to plunge between them, that when he put the head of his erect sex against her tender lips, it entered into her without any resistance.

Slowly, he began to thrust inside her but with just the head of his sex, easing Jade's pussy to open wider. She wanted him fully inside her and she pressed her hands on his buttocks to make him penetrate deeper. Suddenly she let a cry of pain escape from her lips while he felt he had broken her hymen but she immediately smiled at him, begging him to go on and not to care. He did not obey her completely and tried to remain as delicate as possible, his sex throbbing and glistening between her tender petals.

They came together in a beautiful loving embrace, their bodies melted together in a wild ecstasy.

Jade was in heaven, she was a woman now and she was so elated. It had been painful at the beginning but feeling Vincent thrusting deeply inside her, pressing himself against her pussy lips and clit had been so good afterwards that it was as if she discovered that she had a new body. She just did not understand why she had not done it earlier.

As soon as Vincent's vigour came back, she rode him and the two lovers spent a wonderful hot day, making love in this secret part of Jade's garden, her silky pussy now fully opened to love and life.


1 comment:

Djierke said...

Take a bow m'lady. An exquisitely woven tale that had me captivated from it's first paragraph.
You have opened my eyes to a world that has laid dormant and asleep all these years. I have enjoyed every step along the way with you.

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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