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Monday, May 14, 2007

Jaded {Part Fifteen}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

"Please sit down here, Lady." And he offered her a chair near the front window. Jade, usually able to decide anything was just like a toy in his hands, unable to react, unable to say no. This was completely new for her. She was even surprised to see how easily she was pleasing that stranger. He sat in front of her and took off his hat, revealing his curly long fair hair.

"My name is Vincent, I am an artist painter. Who are you my dear erotic apparition?"

At these last words, Jade blushed as two other customers turned their heads to look at her with interest.

"Please, be more discreet!" she told him.

"Sorry, enthusiasm probably!" and he smiled sending her a wink. "So, what is your name?"

"My name is Jade and... I don't do anything except love life." she replied.

"And teasing men?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, walking completely naked under your silk dress on this windy day is not a hazard, don't think I am able to believe that the delicious sight of your lovely red curly pussy was an accident."

His smile was irresistible and Jade lowered her guard seeing that it was useless to lie to him.

"Well, Vincent, you are so nearly right. Yes, it excites me to be naked under my dress and sometimes... it had helped me to find... friends. But believe me or not, when my dress rose up just in front of your face, it was not my doing."

Vincent was looking at this desirable sophisticated woman with great interest. Not as a man who would have only been sexually aroused by her but as a man who would have discovered a new variety of flower, a completely unknown one.

"My dear Jade, if you accept that I can call you by your little name, just know that seeing naked women is my usual way of life as a painter. Therefore, I was not shocked at all by the sight of your intimate bush. I was just interested, as a professional, to see that this curly red treasure was nested between two splendid shapely legs and thighs and was surely owned by a very interesting and sensual woman."

Jade blushed a little more but was terribly excited by his conversation. The conversation goes over and they spoke together about art and artists while drinking red wine.

The bottle of wine was empty and they were now like old friends. Vincent was so surprised by the knowledge that Jade had about art. Not only because she nearly knew so many things about it but more than that, by the fact that she was really able to feel the intimate essence of art, she was even speaking of art as an artist would have done it. Vincent, like most common males, was thinking that most of the great artists were men because women were not able to feel as many things as men. Hearing Jade speaking about art showed him that all he had thought about it up to then was perhaps not so simple. He was simply beginning to admire her, simply beginning to love her, even if he was not able to see it as clearly.

If Jade had been completely lost at the beginning with Vincent, lost by his leading assurances, her female intuition was telling her that she was beginning to seduce that strange man. He was beginning to react differently, looking at her with more passion, with less irony now. She thought it was time to give him an appointment in two days, to let Zerline have enough time to make her usual enquiries about the not so strange Vincent.

"Please, Vincent, I have to go now, but I would be very happy to invite you to my home on Tuesday evening. What do you think of it?"

"Tuesday? Sorry, I can't. Why not this evening?" he asked.

"This evening? No... This is impossible, I..."

"Are you married? Engaged?"

"No, no, not at all but..."

"So, ok for this evening! Where do you want me to meet you?"

Jade was again unable to resist him. The way he acted was so natural. He managed everything but it was done so well that she could only say yes. Defeated by so much male and pleasant assurances, she gave him the address of the little street for that evening at ten. Before separating, he held Jade's hand delicately to his lips and, whilst lightly bowing down, kissed her hand softly. She was amazed by so much decorum from this man, able to dictate at the same time his own willingness towards her.

All the rest of the day, she was like a young girl having her first date. All the orders she was giving were contradicted a minute later. Atleast, upset, Zerline told Jade to stop it before all the girls became mad with her changing her orders. Jade smiled at her lady-in-waiting and confidante and admitted that she was completely lost because of Vincent coming that very evening.


Djierke said...

Ah m'lady. I am going to miss you. But I take solace in the knowledge that this is but a temporary reprieve. A small price to pay for happiness that you have given me, and the completeness you will bring into my life in a few days. Already the burden of loneliness is slowly lifting. I count the days My Precious.

Djierke said...

18 Days m'love?. Boredom drives me here daily. Your words still send icy tendrils of pleasure down my spine, tickling my scalp with hunger and longing.

That's Life

That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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