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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jaded {Part Fourteen}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

"Ok, Jade, but just be honest with yourself; Do you really think that the way you are trying to find the love of your life is the best way possible? You arouse all these men and when they are ready for wild love, you just tell them that they cannot possess you. All your erotic sophisticated dream production is only leading you to systematic failures. Why don't you want to love a man as a "normal" woman? Please stop being a child, stop to considering that your virginity is such a treasure, it's silly. Look into my eyes, tell me if I am wrong?"

"No Zerline, you are not and I am tired of all these setbacks. I am so sad to have not been able to really love a man up to now. But you are so right too."

Jade remained thinking and after many minutes she suddenly told Zerline:

"Ok, I take the risk, I will offer my virginity to the next one, and whatever it will cost me. If he leaves me, I will of course be very sad but also free to offer myself totally without restriction to any other one. I just hope... it will be the good one this time."

"Great! Tomorrow it is Sunday, let the wind decide who will be the happy man that will make you a real woman!" "You..!" Jade pushed Zerline who then fell into the water with a big splash. Jade dived behind her and they laughed together like little girls, splashing each other like the old friends they were. On Sunday, Jade, naked as usual under her silk dress was walking under the arcade of the Rue de Rivoli. The weather was sunny but some clouds were showing themselves and the wind was accompanying them. Everything seemed to be in place for the wind-driven erotic scene of Jade. But she was not in her usual mood. She was scared like a virgin before her wedding night, scared to think that whatever would happen, whatever man she would choose, he would have the right to deflower her.

Deep in her thoughts, she did not get any attention to the man who was approaching her. He was tall, handsome, and athletic, and wearing a broad-brimmed hat, casual and looking at the people passing by with a sort of irony. Whilst Jade was not paying attention to him, the man's lively look had immediately spotted this desirable creature. He was sure that the way her breasts were swaying under her dress was the proof that she did not wear any bra. He found it quite exciting to imagine her uncovered nipples brushing delicately the silk with each step and each sway.

They were near to each other and suddenly the wind blew off the man's hat. It fell directly at her feet. Before Jade could understand what was happening, she saw a smiling handsome man kneeling in front of her to take back his hat. At the same time, the wind blew up Jade's dress, revealing her red tender bush to the man whose face was nearly against it as he was just going to stand up.

Jade the wind expert, for the first time of her life, the table had turned; she was not even able to anticipate the reaction of the wind. The man used his own hat to kneel in front of her and the wind, her old friend, had betrayed her at the worst moment.

Jade, who was never ashamed to show her nakedness to men, was so disconcerted that she blushed in front of the smiling man. Instead of excusing himself for what had happened, he just laughed:

"Oh, sorry Lady, the wind, my hat... but what a sight, thank God for this wonderful day, I never saw such a lovely pussy, and so happy to meet her owner." He offered her a wonderful smile that she was unable to resist it. Instead she just laughed, still blushing.

"Please Lady, come with me to celebrate this. There is a nice little Café there where we could get to know each other better."

"But... sorry, I don't know you, I..."

"Come on, "I" do know you." He added with a mischievous smile.

Jade was defeated on her own territory. She was not even leading this man, this future lover; she was the hunted now. But this man seemed so friendly and funny that she decided to accept his invitation. She just had time to see Zerline a slight distance away, laughing at what had happened, before she entered the Café with the man.

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Djierke said...

What if I was to kneel in front of you m'lady. What would you offer me? Am I worthy to worship at your temple? I wish to be intoxicated by your taste forever...

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