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Friday, May 11, 2007

Jaded {Part Thirteen}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

She was in essence the "erotic animal par excellence", an accomplished expert into the subtlest caresses. A Don Juan in stiletto heels, able to use the most refined tactics to hunt her male prey. Jade was nevertheless still a virgin and was happy to be, whilst the soul of men, their true self, their intimate essence was appearing to her without any modesty, without any restraint, it was the erotic element, "par excellence", the only thing able to make her come completely.

Jade was needing to dominate the situation, to dominate her lovers, to organize their erotic pleasure, to orchestrate their orgasm, to offer them a sublime, rare and exceptional instant of happiness as the one she had staged for Charles that night, but she was still refusing to offer completely herself to their caresses.

Ultimate modesty, fear or young girls, romanticism? Probably a mix of all three.

Her attitude was not failing to surprise her lovers, most often frustrated not to be able to possess her completely in full sexual intercourse after having desired her so much. Certainly the young woman was not denying them any of the other carnal pleasures but was allowing them all they wanted with their tongue, through the act of cunnilingus. But she denied sex that gave rise to the full penetration by the male sex.

Yet, Jade had been tempted to offer herself completely in the craziness of her senses during her most wild erotic nights, but she had always felt at that last moment the intimate reluctance of her mind ordering her to go no further even if her body urged to do so.

But love was for Jade something sacred, much more superior to the terrestrial condition of man. For her, love had to be sublime, was like a vessel able to take you to ethereal heavens where the flesh stepped aside to became vibration, self-sacrifice, union, the fusion of bodies and souls.

That ultimate fusion, that complete abandonment of oneself for a being as subtle and sensitive as Jade could not be imagined anywhere else than in an exceptional context and implied that the man who would have the privilege to make her a woman had to be also able to make her feel the love, the true love, the love for which you are able to make all sacrifices.

But then Jade had pushed the refinement, the mystery, the eroticism to such a stage of perfection that her lovers were well in trouble to be able to surprise her in turn on this point. The extreme beauty of Jade and her magical performances were even likely to make them lose all of their usual abilities, making the most refined of them to be regarded as vulgar.

A virgin, calling down the grace of heaven upon her but coming up against the sexual terrestrial desires of her lovers, Jade was anguished, having not found yet that soul which was able to take her on their wings to felicity.

But Jade's quest of the ideal man was useless up to now. She was still alone and still wondering if the real love was only a dream or could be one day a reality for her.

The only thing she was not telling herself was that her refusal to let her lovers possess her completely was also for a big part, the cause of her successive failures. Even if the way she was offering herself to her lovers was near to heaven, a man is still a man and not being able to thrust this beautiful girl with his shaft was a total frustration for them. The consequence of it was simple, the lovers were inevitably disappointed by each other and they separated.

Charles was not an exception to the rule and after some passionate nights of wild but "controlled" love, their relationship came to an end, like with all her previous lovers.

Jade was lying languidly among cushions with Zerline. They had just swam together in the round pavilion's swimming pool and after drying their nude bodies under the sun on the terrace, they were now drinking tea together.

"You know, Jade, I think that you should just accept making love with a man without a second thought. I don't understand your fears about it. It is so simple, so easy and you will see how it is wonderful to feel a man thrusting deep into you. Your ideal quest had only one result up to now; loosing all your lovers, one after the other."

"Yes Zerline, but even if you find me stupid, I just cannot offer myself to the first one as easily. I need to be loved, to love him first and to know him. I prefer to remain a virgin than to regret to have offered myself for the first time to a man who will perhaps leave me afterwards, abandoned."

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Djierke said...

I will never take your gift for granted m'lady...It is as Precious as the bearer herself.
Everyday it seems you give me reason to treasure your submission, and for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Your One & Only

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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