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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jaded {Part Nine}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded
Then soon he heard Martine the third girl, whispering into his ear that he could wake up now. He opened his eyes, relaxed as if he had slept a whole night, not knowing where he was, as if he had been intoxicated. But he was well alert and Martine was deliciously naked with her long brown and sweet-smelling magnificent hair, leaning forward over him, her heavy breasts brushing his side. She asked him to turn himself onto his chest and began to softly massage him, beginning at the base of his neck and then down to the soles of his feet with equal strokes as for the rest of his body. Under the expert hands of Martine, Charles was now aware of the fact that certain parts of his body were practically in knots and nearly painful when Martine was massaging them, working them, so as to let them regain their original suppleness. Martine's gestures were accompanied by her soft voice: "Relax yourself, Charles, let yourself go, let me massage you without resisting me."

The male that was inside Charles had still a tendency to tense up at moments, but little by little, he felt one by one that all his tense points were relaxing and at the end he found himself totally restored, like he had been before because of the intensity of Marinette's caresses when she anointed him with the oils, happy to feel his supple muscles spread themselves, developing all their power when he stood up to get down from the massage table.

Martine, worn out by her efforts to make him relaxed and supple, had to lie down herself among the cushions near Zerline, Marinette and Marion. The girls were now drinking tea while savouring cake and some fruits.

Charles was looking with envy at the vision of these four naked nymphs stretched out among the cushions; the blonde Zerline was surrounded by the three brown haired girls. It reminded Charles of the paintings by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in which odalisques and other bathers, sensually indolent at the side of pools washed themselves, doing their hair, lazing around, but above all else, were sharing moments of feminine intimacy, far from a mans world in the Turkish baths of those times.

Zerline and the three girls were drinking tea and joking between themselves as if Charles was not there, hiding nothing of their nakedness and acting completely natural, as if to be nude was something normal. A charming atmosphere made of softness and delicacy was emanating from them. All these soft shapes, round and velvet merged among the cushions, their smooth and satin skins caressed by the warm light of the candles, a yellow light that skimmed their stretched bodies, these supple and young bodies with their hair spread out around them, framing radiant and smiling faces. The grace was present too in the movements of their arms, of their delicate hands when they were taking cake and fruit, when they lifted them to their sensual lips. Calm and voluptuous, soft and sensual in every way.

Charles was sat on the edge of the swimming pool, a little distant from them, afraid to disturb this idyllic picture. Certainly he could not deny that this earthly vision of paradise for any man was of the most erotic, but at the same time, the youth and innocence of the girls laughing and joking together like playful schoolgirls was evading Charles to become sexually aroused. A purity as pure as the original purity of the world was emanating from these girls, a happy world in which all is gentle and loving. At that moment, Charles began to regret being a man, not able to join them in their games, their discussions, and their feminine intimacy. He felt like a stranger; felt that if he went near them, something would break.

This was a strange feeling for this young man who was used to being a paramour as was Jade a seducer of men, without worrying of tomorrow and thinking only first to satisfy his sexual desires, selfishly preoccupied by his own personal pleasure. He then would have had no other envy, at the sight of the girls, to rush himself among these naked bodies offered to that sight, to take them, caress them, embrace them, and penetrate them, to show them all the power of his virility and to make them feel his masculine strength.

Instead of that, he looked upon them as you would admire a work of art, one does not dare to touch it, you are suddenly too moved to even breathe. Charles was in the same state of spirit as that of the art lover, he was communing with the simple happiness of the girls without daring to approach them, afraid to disturb the atmosphere of happiness that was emanating from them in the middle of this mysterious and magical night.All was a mystery for Charles, time had stopped in its tracks and even the place was like unreal as if Charles did not know where he was. Charles's mind was without any bearings and his body had merged with his spirit.

Zerline stood up at that moment and approached Charles who saw that blonde sensual flesh doll coming towards him with her long thick curly hair falling down upon her shoulders like two golden cascading rivers, hiding partially her breasts with such pink soft nipples rising out like two flowers in the centre of their areolas, inviting a warm sensual kiss to land upon them.

Charles had a weakness for breasts, their tenderness, their tips that could erect, that he loved so much to pinch, to suck, to lick, to kiss, to nibble. He always had that feeling, when holding the nipples of a woman between his fingers that he was holding her completely, that she was belonging to him. To see a woman arching herself, to make a woman quiver when he pinched lightly her nipples was also very erotic for Charles, more so erotic than to penetrate her.

It was then with a lot of interest that he was looking at the nipples of Zerline. The girl noticed it and came to him with a smile, without speaking she took his hands and put them on her firm and full bosom. Charles closed his eyes whilst Zerline was pressing her breasts against his palms, burning with desire. He was feeling the warmth of the velvet breasts of Zerline in the centre of his palms, their smoothness, their tenderness. Charles moved down his hands to cup the breasts of the girl, as if he was weighting them, as if his hands were a human bra for that breast with such cute nipples, so pink and now so proudly erect. While wrapping Zerline's breasts with his hands, Charles began pinching delicately the little rosy tips between two fingers.

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Djierke said...

Have you been reading my mind again m'lady?
Ah, the soft feel of supple flesh between my thumb and forefinger...to feel each nipple stiffen under my administrations, to watch the warm flush of pink radiate across your breasts...these are just a small part of the wonders of you.

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