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Monday, April 30, 2007

Jaded {Part Eight}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded
Zerline, lay down among a sea of multicoloured cushions covered with silk and satin. She was appreciating the proportions of Charles's body, imagining her mistress making love with him. Zerline was a dreamer; she loved to dream, to imagine herself, to contemplate. Both vivacious and languid, her role of double, of the alter image of Jade was fitting to her perfectly. She loved to melt into her role, she loved to wait on her mistress, she loved to merge with her and was even sometimes acting herself as Jade when her mistress requested.

However, Zerline was also a woman and then it was with interest and even envy that she was looking at Charles' body, quivering now with pleasure into the expert hands of Marion. Charles was handsome, tall and strong, a real caricature of a movie romantic male lead, Zerline was saying to herself that undoubtedly Jade had an expert eye when she was choosing her lovers.
Marion had now completed the sensual soaping of Charles' body and was rinsing him with a powerful spray that she began directing with an obvious pleasure on all parts of the young man's body, taking care however to reduce the pressure of the spray when she was approaching his most sensitive parts. Besides, the spray was lingering there more longer than elsewhere until the moment when Marion saw that the effect was stronger than the one she was expecting. She had a mission to prepare Charles by wrapping him in an erotic atmosphere, the "best" of the man had to be of use to... Jade only. Therefore, she asked him to follow her to an adjoining room where there was a small swimming pool with cold water and thanks to that, Charles quickly regained a more decent appearance.

Marion took her time to dry him gently with large soft and perfumed terry towels, then asked him to lie down near Zerline until his skin was totally dry. Zerline was stretching herself like a loving cat at that moment among the cushions, eyes closed while thinking of the athletic body of Charles and more particularly to his superb firm buttocks that had aroused her so much. Dreaming of Charles's body, she did not hear Marion return from the small cold water room with the young man. Marion gave a little cough: "Zerline, I will leave you with the Master until his skin is totally dry, and then soon Marinette will anoint him with the aromatic oils."

Zerline corrected herself to a more decent attitude and smiled tenderly at Charles: "Lie down here near me, it will relax you after your cold bath. And please calm down, keep that for Madam," she added with a suggestive smile, seeing his sex that was drawing up to its full length once again at the sight of the attractive Zerline stretching herself amorously among the cushions.

Charles flushed lightly and lay down on his back near Zerline, who took his hand.
"Do you know the stars, Charles?"

"A little, but these are old memories when my grandfather took me with him on summer nights when I was a child. I never forgot those marvellous moments spent contemplating the sky, his enthusiasm to describe me as the Milky Way and the constellations."

And while they were lying down, side by side and hand in hand, Zerline began to draw the map of the sky to Charles who was captivated by her explanations, as impassioned than the ones of his grandfather. It's only when Zerline told him that it was now time to join Marinette that he realized the strangeness of the situation. He had remained lying down with this beautiful blonde girl who was holding his hand tenderly for more than half an hour, listening to her explanations whilst nearly forgetting their mutual nakedness. Heaven's immensity, this unreal and magical atmosphere, all this had thrown him out of time or was it time that had stopped? He felt so relaxed, all the stress of living in a busy city, and the stress of his working day had disappeared as if by magic.

He was now lying down on a massage table and Marinette was anointing his body with aromatic perfumed fine oils. The caressing and smooth hands of the girl were rubbing the oils into his skin softly, going up along his legs, slipping on his sides, massaging his pectorals, touching along his shoulders and then his neck alternating pressure of the palms with sliding soothing fingers. Charles had never felt such sensations, it seemed to him that he was discovering a body that was not his.

As with many men, the most erotic and really sensitive part of his body was his sex and the rest of his body had never really interested him. Charles thought moreover that women were very lucky to be so sensual and being able to have such sensual pleasure through their sex as their breasts, without counting the different possibilities of sexual delight that they could feel within their intimate flower.

Yet the hands of Marinette were making him quiver in places that he could never imagine to be so sensitive that made him stir with so much intensity, producing erotic electrical discharges, making him arch his body and lament with so much pleasure. He was reacting like an animal, unable to control himself under these nimble fingers, all the surface of his skin was responding to these caresses, he never had thought that his sides could be so excitable, nor his back, nor even his buttocks. Marinette was alternating the touches with the palms of her hands and the light touch of the tips of her nails on Charles' skin. Like a sensuous cat, she was all sweetness and light, using even the insides of her arms to rub the different oils into his skin.

After half an hour of this treatment, Marinette told Charles to remain lying down on the table and to think of nothing, just let himself relax, to look at the stars above him or just to close his eyes while listening to the distant music. Charles obeyed Marinette because of the extreme intensity of what he had felt all over and inside of his body and he had become tranquil, as if all the energy present in his body had escaped with the contact of the girl's hands. It was then with pleasure that he closed his eyes and began to nap whilst dreaming of the erotic experience he had just placated, still quivering all along his body with sensual delights.

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Djierke said...

One summer night we will lay down on the cool ground and count the stars...Big Bear, Little Dipper, Orion, The Milky Way...perhaps depending on where in the world we are, The Southern Cross and even Scorpio. I love the pictures here My Precious...Thank you for your gift. I will cherish it forever.

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