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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jaded {Part Seven}

The Torrid Tale Of Jaded

Although being completely blind, Charles had the feeling of being in a very large room, it was cooler than the corridors they had taken before. They carried on for a while, opening and closing doors, climbing up stairs, climbing down others until Zerline told Charles that he could remove his blindfold.

The passages that Zerline had taken were for the most secret passages that were there long ago before Jade had bought the buildings in which they were. Most of these passages were nearly two centuries old and were the last remnants of troubled times including revolutions and wars. They provided escape from arrests, numerous hiding places and secret passages allowing secret passage through one building to another that had been fixed in these old areas of Paris.Jade had asked architects to make investigations to uncover these secret passages, which were allowing her to receive without being disturbed her lovers as they could never know in which precise parts of Paris they were received. This very clever way of acting was securing Jade to be efficiently protected from intruders but also from her former lovers when they were rejected.

They were now in front of a large door hidden by a velvet curtain. Zerline knocked seven times with a precise rhythm and three girls, totally naked, welcomed them.

The round room where they were now was vast and comprised in its centre a large oval swimming pool. The walls and the floor were covered with white Carrara marble. A large picture window was overlooking onto a terrace and a lovely garden, both lit as the room, by hundreds of candles. There were no other windows into the room except for in the middle of the ceiling was a big glass dome made of two sliding parts. The dome was wide open along its centre, letting the gentle warmth of the summer night inside.

The warm yellow light of all these candles and the starlit night that could be seen through the open dome were creating a magical atmosphere. Zerline took off her cloak and now as naked as the other girls told Charles: "We will now prepare you for Madam, please take off all your clothes Charles, Marion will wash you down, Marinette will anoint you with aromatic rare oils, then Martine will massage you."

Charles had the feeling of living a daydream. Sure that he was ready to find himself in the bed of this superb red haired young woman, and he had been dreaming of it since yesterday but he would never have imagined all of this abundance of mystery that now surrounded this erotic situation he had now found himself in. To be in the middle of the night, in a secret place, surrounded by four desirable naked girls asking him to strip naked for them to take care intimately of his body would surprise the most blasé of men.

All these mysteries, these long secret wanderings through entire passages and areas of Paris with Zerline, naked under her cloak, and now these three superb brown haired girls, who were waiting for him in that magnificent place looking like Roman thermae, the magnificence of the marble and also the celestial sliding dome, all of this looked like a wonderful dream that was simply surreal.

But the hands of Marion who was washing him down directly with her palms was real enough and Charles sank with supreme ecstasy to the expert caresses of the girl whose palms were so smooth and her fingers so delicate when they slid along his athletic body. The nimble fingers of Marion were making Charles quiver with pleasure, all the sensuality of his skin was awakened by the moves of the girl's hands and their softness was magnified by the soft lather of the soap. Charles became mesmerised by the movements of Marion's body, admiring the swaying of her breasts while she was taking care of him.

A mild fragrance of perfume was hanging in the air whilst a distant and surreal music came drifting in from the garden on the night air.

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Djierke said...

When one is blindfolded (blind) the remaining senses are heightened. Remembering the way my skin tingled as you dragged your hair across my belly, the way my scalp tightened as you tickled your fingers across my thighs. Another fine chapter m'lady. Thank you for sharing.

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