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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Random Ramble

T'is been awhile since I last devulged into the dark recess of my mind, body and soul. A flicker of anticipation tantalizes my lips, a mixture of sweat and spent tears. My face buried into the cradling depths of the pillow, caress my stinging eyes. My knees scored underneath me, my brazenly red buttocks exposed. Earlier this day I had decided I was going to spend the day being mouthy, and pressing the rules/regulations deemed to me by His hand.

The sun had set, a glass of red wine each before us sitting on the tray. Unbeknownst to that of myself, He had been brewing hottly with bemused anger, and planning His conquest of reigning in my temperment. The glowering almost smoldering look He gave me went un-noticed, that is until He grabbed mt hair and pulled me stumbling along down the hallway to the bedroom. Where He tossed me upon the bed roughly; I could hear His belt come undone, a shiver ran through my body. My simple white cotton frayed shift was rudely yanked up, exosing my pale globes of an ass up in the air for His inspection. His dark skin hand stroked the left cheek, His darker flesh a deep contrast against my pale whitness.

The first lash of the soften leather, was a sudden electrifying shock, as my body jolted forward and His respones was to take a fistful of hair and yank back, arching my back and buttocks higher. Two more full lashes sending a welting arc arcoss both cheeks. I whimpered as three more fell, His grunt apparent as He seemed to enjoy over much this pelting of pain.

My eyes clenched closed, my hands curled in child like fists, my tears falling silently as I can be. He stops-I do not hear His actions behind me. I shouted out suddenly as a lash came stingingly against my already pinkish flesh; the tears, turned to sobs, quelled only by that of His cool hand over my burning welts.

``Careful what you wish for my Precious.``


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