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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mistress In A Bottle {Part 2}

“Ooh, thank you for freeing me from my bottle,” she said, her face beaming with gratitude. “As a reward, I grant you three wishes.” A sultry smile danced on her pretty face as she licked her lips hungrily.
“Are you for real?” Henry asked.
“Yes, master,” she said as she bowed slightly, her brunette topknot flipping over her eyes. “I am Alisa. I am bound to the one who frees me, and I must grant three wishes as an offering of thanks no matter what they are.”
Henry laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Alisa asked.
He smiled, and in doing so, he showed Alisa something she had never seen before.
“Oh my lord!” she exclaimed. “You’re a vampire!”
“I’m surprised you know about vampires. I didn’t think genies would be familiar with us.” He smirked at her, his canines glistening wetly.
“I think you’ll find I’m familiar with a lot of things,” she responded, suddenly taking on a more defiant pose, hand on hip so that her pert breasts thrust forward through the flimsy material. “So, about those wishes...”
“Not so fast, girl. I heard that ‘master’ line you said earlier. I think it’s time for you to show me just what the benefits of having a genie are.” His mirth now stirred, a thickening in his groin soon became apparent.
“Whatever you say, master.” She retorted submissively.
Alisa snapped her fingers, and the two of them were instantly transported to a shadowed chamber. Alisa appeared, sitting Indian-style on the bed and wearing only a transparent black halter and panties. Her long hair was pulled back into a flowing ponytail which reached down to her waist. The chamber was adorned like something right out of Aladdin, with colourful draperies and deep thick rugs lining the floor.
“Do you like?” she asked.
Again, Henry smiled. “Very much. But I expect you to serve me now.”
“Oh? You want anything else, you’re going to have to use a wish. I give away too many free requests and I’d be bound to the same person forever.”
“If that’s the way it has to be. I wish for you to become so overwhelmingly sexually aroused and deprived, impoverished for only just me that you will do anything I tell you.” He smirked at her as he stood at the foot of the bed glowering at her, his lust rising.
Alisa giggled, then attempted to regain her composure. “Sorry, master. That’s too close to wishing for more wishes, and not that I am grateful or anything. But rules are rules.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” Henry asked. “You said I get three wishes, and my first wish was for you to be overwhelmingly sexually aroused for me.”
Suddenly, a glow flashed from Alisa’s eyes. “Ooh, master, that’s a wonderful wish. Why don’t you get in bed with me and let me show you some of things I’ve learned over the years.” The expression on her face was one of animalistic lust. It was clear to Henry that Alisa wasn’t faking her sudden attraction for him.
“So now you’ll grant my wish?”
Alisa reached out and clenched her fist. She pulled her arm back, and Henry was grabbed by an unseen force, literally pulling him into the bed. “Less talk, more action,” she growled. As she dove at Henry’s crotch, working to tear open his pants, she added, “I’ll explain later.”
It took Alisa almost no time to free Henry from his clothes. She enveloped his erect cock in her mouth, wrapping her ruby-red lips around his thick shaft and sliding it in and out. Tracing her tongue over the head of it, taunting him teasing him with it. She dribbled a length of saliva and let it cascade down the side. Her fingers stroked lightly around his hard shaft, as her dark smokey eyes enveloped him with a hungry stare. Henry was amazed at the sensations her oral attentions brought to him. In all his years as a vampire, no one had given him head like this. He moaned softly, stretched out on his back gave him ample viewing of her attentions. Although he always thought of a woman’s mouth giving a blowjob was like that of a second cunt, Alisa actually made that thought feel like it was true. Her tongue lapped starving; desirous against his cock, her head bobbed up and down, he watched enthralled as his cock disappeared and reappeared from her ruby painted lips.....

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