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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Kaleidoscope Of Indescressions

She had slept well and alone last night, the storm howled but sedated her mood, she pitter pattered down the stairs and into the kitchen, dark and strangely not illuminated. She shivered it felt as though the patio doors were wide open. Crossing the kitchen floor dressed in her short robe and a men's dress shirt underneath, bare feet she moved to wide open door. The drapes and floor soaked, she was about to slam the door shut when she noticed one red rose on the counter with a white envelope. Half asleep she opened the card which just humbly read.

"..roses are red..violets are blue.Look behind you.

But she never got the chance as the strong hand came around her throat, she barely saw the shifting black form from the shadows behind the drapes where she had just stood. Her scream quelled in her throat as she struggled violently against the attack. To no avail. She was being now drug outside to her large back yard. Her bare feet sunk into the soft sod, as her hands flayed out to nothing but air-the rain drops on her body awoke her senses instantly as the sound of rendering cloth, the robe, the shirt gone from her body and she was flung face down onto the muddy lawn. Her arms pulled, her wrists tied roughly with course rope to pre sunken stakes into the ground. Metal pegs her wrists and ankles were bound to till she was almost spread eagle. The rain pelleted her without mercy, the mud covered her as she whimpered softly.. "....why?.....

A sinister almost demonic laugh was her answer as she felt a weight bare down on her as he sat atop her back straddling, forcing the air from her lungs. He raked his nails down her back, twice, two angry trails of red streaked across her alabaster back and he stood, taking out his rigid cock, almost steaming in the coolness of the morning. Stroking it lightly he pondered looking down at her splayed out dirty form at his feet, he prodded her ribs with his boot. He rather fancied this having her this way. The rain came down in stinging torrents as she cried out loudly but no one would hear, the nearest neighbour was two kilometres away. He came around and knealt in front of her, lifting her head from the muddied puddle by her hair, he locked his eyes with hers, he could not tell if she cried, the rain was obscuring the true tears, violent tugging her head, he shoved her lips over the tip of his cock, cool by the air, into her moist hot inviting hole. He thrust his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat, he felt her gag, but what did he care, he thrust in and out of her tight mouth, using the fistful of her hair to guide his motions. An excellent start to what would be a day of sadistic daydreams that were now his reality........

With another evil laugh He pulled His cock from her mouth, yanking back viciously her hair, straining her neck backwards, her back arched almost painfully. With a gleam in His face He rubs His hardened member across her face, her cheeks, her lips. Back and forth, His wet dripping cock against her pretty face. Without warning His palm comes down to cross her face in a stinging slap. Her head snaps sideways as she howled in protest.
Her hair still wrapped around His fingers, His fist grazing her scalp, His palm comes down once again, harder this time, the rain splashing from her cheek, redness spreading in a rush across her pale features.

"Don't make a fucking sound!" he snarls raising His hand once again. The cry is cut-off almost immediately at His tone, but the tears continue to fall in silence, mingling with the summer rain splattering her face. His eyes dark and glazed by passion, He shoves her down once more into the mud standing up to gaze upon His woman, supplicant at His feet. A smile crosses His face as He pauses for a moment watching as her body shakes and spasms from her silent tears and the chill of the rain.

He reaches down and she hears the snick of the switchblade moments before her shirt is gathered up at the back. With one stroke, the material is cut away, the cold metal grazing her back as it returns to hook under her bra. With a slight sound, that too is cut away and she feels her breasts released from it's confines. Suddenly, His hand is back against her hair and she is roughly pulled up by her long tangled tresses, soaked and muddied.

"Stand up my little slut!". He never raises His voice to her, instead all His commands are issued in a beastly snarl, almost whisper-like, the tone carrying with it threats of harsh repercussions should she disobey.
"And don't say a word My Precious. Not a single word. The fun has just started..."

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That's Life

That's Life

The Master Of Her Domain

The Master Of Her Domain
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