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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Slave-A Mistress-A Want-A Yearning

The slave has got to follow the rules and there is no way he can escape punishment if he does something wrong, this time he has to lick the toes of his mistress…

My dedication was rather ordinary. Now I was not a free person but a THING.

- That is all you can wear from now on, slave! – Helen smiled. – Though I sometimes don’t want to see you around with your bare butt.

I sighed realizing my Mistress had very strict and tough rules and even a tiny disobedience would be followed by punishment. But she also let me understand that she could punish me for no reason at all, just for her pleasure. It was the very thing that frightened me and made me think of her as a real Master instead of a person of an equal status. My Mistress could act in the way she wanted, according to her mood and could lash me or make up a new, more humiliating punishment. The girl was uncompromising. It meant that if she wanted something there was no way of begging her to change her mind, for you could make it even worse…

I was just a thing for her, like a sofa she liked sitting on. And of course she didn’t feel sorry for her things and thinking I was special for her was meaningless…

- There won’t be any traces left on your body, don’t worry about it! – Helen reassured me. – But don’t relax! I can give you the works that won’t seem to you little! No one will know about our game except for my friends, - the girl smiled. – Anyway, I’m not going to ask for your permission… Do you like to obey women?

- Yes, I do, my lady…

- Very well. I need no more from you. You are not to decide how to be helpful. And don’t forget about my rules! I hate repeating twice! – She reminded it strictly.

- Of course, my Lady…

- Perfect! – Helen concluded. – I think now you understand very well who is in front of you!

I had no doubts about it anymore having talked to her even the first ten minutes.

- Now you are deprived of any rights and I give orders here! – My Mistress decided to repeat it once again. – When you are here your existence and behavior depend on me. I even control your thoughts, you may not conceal anything from me, slave!

And again I had no doubts about it.

Suddenly the telephone rang. Saying nothing to me Helen rose and moved to the phone. I kept on standing in the same humiliating position on my fours. Of course, the girl wasn’t going to change her way of life and habits because of me. She would live in the way she liked and do whatever she wanted.

Time passed too slowly for me. I didn’t hear what Helen was chatting about. I had to wait when she would resume the conversation with me. And I waited… It was unusual for me to have a Mistress-slave relationship…

- Turn round and lie on your back! – My Mistress required when she returned a few minutes later.
I obeyed and was lying waiting watchfully. With no words she sat on the sofa and parted her legs. She put her right foot on my face and the left one – on my cock pressing it. My penis was not interesting for her as the girl had plenty of other ways to enjoy herself.

Watching my reaction my Lady stretched her hand and squeezed my nipple a bit. I wrinkled my face being afraid even to give a squeak…

- You’re rather sensitive, slave. It will be even funnier and more amusing for me! – She said.

Her foot was on my face and she was moving it as if massaging me.

- What are you thinking about, slave? – Helen asked.

What could I think about at that time? Nothing… I was nude, felt helpless with this girl and she knew it. And the most important thing for me was that I didn’t know what she would do at the next moment…

- My friend has just called… - She decided to tell me. – You know, her husband is a very interesting person. Both of them are thirty and they have been married for ten years. And all this time he is a slave for her. Can you imagine? – Helen smiled. – And I have another friend who treats her men worse than animals! Yes, she treats them no better than dogs. It’s funny to look at! She trains them so well that they even bark if she wants. And she fucks them pretty often. When they are well-trained she gives them away. The choice of trained men of hers is huge! Can you imagine yourself in this role? – Helen grinned and squeezed my nipple tighter.

I moaned trying to bear the pain. I don’t know why she told that to me: to frighten me or remind again who I was for her…

- I’m more careful with my things, - my Mistress pronounced having me in her mind. – So, don’t think you are special! You have to prove you are worth lying here under my feet!

- Yes, of course, my Lady… I’ll do whatever you want… - I could barely say that from under Helen’s foot.

- If you disappoint me… - The girl continued threatening though she knew I wasn’t going to do that. – I’ll sell you or present to a couple and then you’ll be in trouble… - She laughed.

- No, please!.. I’ll do everything for you!

My will was ruined. She needed just an hour to override me, to make a submissive slave from me.

When she saw her words had the right effect on me she relaxed and looked at me condescendingly…

- And you have to remember one more thing, slave! – She said in a serious voice. – I don’t like when my rules are not followed. You shouldn’t forget who you are even for a second! For example, have you seen the rug near my door in the corridor? This is your place! If I don’t need you, or you have no task or maybe I don’t want to see you, I’ll tell you to go to your place and you should go there and wait as long as it is needed! Until I call you! By the way, if you misbehave you’ll sleep there, too! And it is not the worst place, believe me! Well, what else… Aha, I hate it when someone touches my possessions. Everything you see here is holy for you! And if you dare to break this rule and I learn about it you’ll be severely punished…

My Mistress was telling me about more and more rules and requirements. I knew I had to take that seriously. She didn’t joke when she spoke with this intonation. I was listening to all of this lying on my back absolutely naked and feeling her both feet on me…

- The next thing… - she continued, - you should be patient! I know it is not easy but you’ll get used to it, I’m sure. If I’m in bad mood or busy you can stand on your knees all evening as an item which I don’t need at the moment! – Helen grinned.

The girl didn’t have to stop each time to hear my consent with her rules. She was telling that as a verdict not being interested in her slave’s opinion, whether he liked it or not.

- There is something else… - My Mistress was in no hurry. She decided to explain everything to her slave once and then forget about it. – If I say “Sleep” you should sleep! If I don’t want to sleep you don’t sleep, too, slave! You are my possession and should be at my disposal at any minute. When I wake up in the morning you should be awake already. If I see you’re sleeping you’ll have problems! When I wake up I want to see my thing near me and ready to be used! I don’t like awkwardness! If I wake up because of you, you’ll be punished! My sleep for you is sacred! If you get up you should sit and wait for your Mistress to wake up. In the morning… - Helen became thoughtful for a moment. – You’ll greet me on your knees, your chest pressed to the floor, arms stretched and crossed, forehead on your arms and face down. It is in case if you are not punished and can do that. – The girl smiled slyly. – And your punishment depends on you, slave! Do you remember all I said?

- Yes, my Lady, I replied.

- Fine. If you behave well you’ll be OK! When you are allowed to speak, your voice should be quiet and respectful. You can admire me and pay compliments to me. But I hate excessive flatter, respect and lie! If I notice you doing that I’ll punish you! – Helen couldn’t stop pronouncing the word “punishment” as she wanted her slave to grasp it better. She didn’t doubt that if she punished me at least once I would become very obedient and try to avoid another punishment in any way. – This is far from the end, slave! – Helen smiled when she saw her slave’s face.

I tried to memorize every detail. I realized that this strict girl’s rules were new laws of life for me and she would not be patient if I break any of her rules. I wasn’t allowed even to sneeze without her permission…

- Now let’s speak about your everyday duties! – My Lady continued. – You have to take care of my footwear. If I want to put on something and see the shoes are dirty you’ll pay a dear price for it, slave! I hope I don’t need to explain to you how your Mistress’s footwear should look?

- No, my Lady… – I uttered.

- Excellent! You’ll have a lot to do and no time for rest! – She grinned. - If I leave you with me for a night the maximum you can do is to sleep near my feet. But you have to work hard to deserve that! Or probably you prefer to sleep in the closet, slave? – She joked.

- Oh, no!.. – I answered quickly being horrified of such a prospect.

- Let’s see. Anyway, it is for me to decide! – Helen said adamantly. – Now let’s speak about you and my body. You must feel very happy only to see and be close to me! Touching me is a great honor! Take it into account! I enjoy myself as I wish. That’s why don’t even try to protest, advise or do something wrong! The meaning of your life is your Mistress’s pleasure!

- Of course, my Lady, - I decided to assent to her.

- For you… - Helen flashed her eyes discontentedly when I interrupted her involuntarily. She continued, - there is nothing more important than to bring me pleasure. It is one of the main rules for you, slave. I think you understand this very well. Am I right, slave?

- Certainly, my Mistress.

- Open your mouth! – Helen ordered and when I opened it she put her toes inside. – Suck them and listen further. You have to look after yourself. I can’t stand slovenliness or dirt. You must correspond to the status of your Mistress. If you don’t follow that, slave, you will be punished! Clean nails, no smell of sweat… I guess, I don’t have to explain that to you?

- I understand, my Lady.

- Very well, I like conscious slaves! – She grinned.

- I have many other rituals, slave! – She added. But I’ll tell you about them later. You have to work to be worthy being with me…

After all these requirements it seemed impossible to have any other wishes. And I had to listen to all that lying on the floor with her toes in my mouth! The standard was very high from the beginning and any break of these rules meant only one for me – punishment!

- Suck them! – She said. - You should do what I told you until you receive another command or order to stop. And if I want, you will lie for an hour sucking them, non-stop! And no slapdash, slave!

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