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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tantalizing Tribulations {Part 5}

He could have smiled or snarled, she couldn't quite tell in the dark. Lips pulled back, teeth iridescent and bared in the waning moonlight, His face still shadowed. And then she heard Him laugh. A soft sound, ominous like the distant sound of thunder, yet with undertones of genuine mirth...

He watched as she took two steps forward knowing that her curiosity had overcome her fear. Drawn like a moth to a lantern, she had to see His face. He chuckled again at her words, her voice soft as a plucked harp yet brimming with arrogance, defiant in the face of the unknown. In an instant, He took a liking to this woman. He admired her resolve, and just as instantly resolved to take it easy with her. Easy prey indeed. He giggled to Himself as His mind went off on yet another tangent, congratulating Himself on the silly word-play that came to Him so easily.

'Cos I'm e-eas-ay, e-easy on a Sunday mor-orning', sang The Commodores inside His head.

With yet another effort, He snapped out of His reverie, reminding Himself that this woman deserved His attention. "Get a grip man, there is business at hand!", he snarled inwardly. He took a moment to assess the situation once more before He made any move. She was obviously armed and not afraid to use the little dirk which had disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. There was the imperious manner in her poise. The graceful elegance in her stance. He could also tell that she was used to getting her own way. His first assessment of her was right. Of course it was-He was never wrong. He wondered what attire was hidden beneath the long coat -if there was anything at all. A vision flashed before His eyes, of her kneeling naked and face down on, tears spilling down the cold hard granite of the gravestone she was pushed upon, her silken alabaster back violated by three gash marks slashed diagonally across her skin. Bright red droplets marking the angry trail.

The beast awakened by the rude percussion, slowly raised it's head and growled, low, deep and long. It smelt her fear above the scent of her perfume - Lilac and Lavender, and the tattoo of her nails as it tapped atop the headstone, beat in perfect metre with it's cold dark heart.

The marked contempt in her voice coursed through his belly to the creature inside to blow softly upon it's fevered brow. It stirred, stretched out a stiff limb and flexed a claw cragged and knotted from an eternity of darkness. A hooded shadow crossed His eyes as the beast peered forth at this woman and He almost flexed a hand towards her. The urge to reach out and hook a talon along the top of her long coat - to hear her breath hiss with each pop of a button, to release her ample breasts, to graze a sharp nail along a soft rosy nipple, raged through His being. He would bring her to her knees with a single command. He would slip His still moist cock from within His jeans, hard and throbbing. She would extend her tongue, eyes closed and accept the sacrament of His host with docility and submission. She will please Him as He sees fit.

From deep within, the beast raised it's monstrous head and growled, it's loins aroused by the depraved vision. It's malignant heart beating once again to push the malodorous blood through it's blackened veins. Parched scales stretched and cracked as it's body slowly uncoiled. A serpentine tongue flicked out to savour the moment as a longer, abominable growl escaped it's withered lips.

He cleared His throat, to mask the sound. Stepping forward into the moonlight, fighting back the carnal urges, His features soft and expressive, He addressed her, "At the risk of sounding trite m'lady, what's a girl like you doing wandering through these grounds so late at night? You never know what lurks within these shadows"

He watched her start, a flicker of something cross her face - eagerness perhaps, fear or willingness?

He smirked, and His eyes flicked to her tapping fingers, long and slender tapering to perfectly filed nails. "I shall call you My Lil Vixen-for now. There is time enough to learn your true name"

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The Master Of Her Domain
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