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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coffee? Tea? Or Me?

"Not yet!", is her muffled reply.He snarls at her words. His mood darkened by the effects of last nights revelry and not enough sleep. It was a simple request to His First to make coffee this morning, but she has decided that she will be stubborn, perhaps her way of teasing Him or even testing her limits. Either way, He is not pleased with the response he hears from beneath the covers to His left.He rolls over, pulling the duvet off her form as she is curled up inside, a slight smile on her face. He growls, slides His fingers along the back of her scalp and closes His hand into a fist. "Oweee!", is the instant response as she draws a hissed breath between her teeth, her body stiffening, her eyes blinking in shock. He tugs on her hair, hauling her head up as He sits up in the bed and straddles her. Her eyes wide open now she locks onto His face as her hand comes up to grasp His wrist."Don't you dare touch me!" He snarls and she releases her hold on Him. "Please stop My Master", she implores softly, but it is too late now. His eyes travel down to her exposed breasts to the two caustic red scratches, puckered with dried blood, marring her perfect skin and He remembers vividly the way she screamed as His nails bit into her flesh, bright red bubbles instantly following in it's wake. How he had bent down to lick, the acrid iron flavour with it's salty residue coating His tongue as He smeared the blood over her breasts with His mouth and then clamped His lips against hers, sharing the extract of her life with His woman.Now, as he sits across her waist, His hand tight against her scalp, he runs a finger down one scratch smirking as she bucks beneath Him. He raises His hand and in an instant, brings it down sharply across her breast, the knuckles slashing painfully across her already hardened nipples. Underneath Him her body jerks and thrashes as she screams once again, the pain from His actions searing into her like a bolt of lightening and tears well up in her bright green eyes. Her breasts bounce hard and a pink streak flushes across the alabaster skin like paint thrown onto a canvas. Tears run down the side of her face now as she whimpers and He releases her hair, leans over and licks the rivulets, nuzzling against her hot cheek. She brings her hands to wrap around the back of His head holding Him tightly to her, her soft breasts pushed into His chest as she cries against the side if His neck."Shh...", He whispers into her ear, soothing her, calming her. "I love you My Precious, with all that I am""And I love My Master, with all that I am", her cries subsiding as He strokes her hair, kisses her soft lips, runs the back of His fingers across her cheek.
"I will make coffee now Beloved"

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sinfullyanon said...

Coffee?...Yeesh! I need a tall, cool, drink of water!


So sinfully naughty!

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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