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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crack the glass of her viginity, and make the rest malleable {Part 2 of 3}

"Here am I: at one stroke incestuous, adulteress, sodomite, and all that in a girl who only lost her maidenhead today! What progress, my friends... with what rapidity I advance along the thorny road of vice." Marquis de Sade

"Yes, I want it." She replied openly.
"Then open wide all your Chakras, Angel of the Pink Crystal, spread your legs openly baring your fevered cunt, free yourself and welcome the life in your womb, open your body and your heart to the Cosmic Energy, commune with her, let her rush into you, let her penetrate you and let her flood you."
Constance quivered with anticipation, she had not known a man. His fingers dabbled over the hood of her clit, probing and stroking it. He inserted one finger into her tight hole letting the inner walls cling to it-he then insert another pushing them all the way into the dark nether regions, letting her wetness soak his fingrs. She was an eager one as he felt her clamp tightly against now the third digit spreading her wide open. He thrust in and out of her wet hole, giving her her first inklings of what pleasure would soon come. She moaned softly lamb like she mewed as her hips bucked wanting more of him. And when she let him penetrate her without any resistance, there was a sharp stoking pain that waved through her belly and then through her body as her maidenhead tore free a splintering of thin flesh that once guarded her girlhood was now cracked and shattered like glass, each stroke was like a passing shard of glass etched with fine lines of pleasure-wroughting the fine line betwixt pleasure and pain. She screamed out as she felt hot trickles drip from her, what she would later see as blood. His cock was large and bulky for a few strokes into her cunt, she squirmed and began to cry now as he pushed him self fully into her. His hands groping roughly her breasts, painfully tweaking her nipples till they were bruised and swollen. But what she had smoked before the initiation was probably helping it, she was feeling herself floating like in a dream and she brought her dirty feet up, bended slightly at the knees wanting more of him and the hard shaft he had buried into her. A tingling ran now from her belly betwixt with the pain the waved and crested over and over. And when her body shuddered violently she climaxed her slickened inner walls clung to his cock like a offering. A rush spilt from her running down the crack of her fully exposed buttocks she was forbidden to touch him. He grunted and thrust harder and harder into her, reaching out and beyond his to his own climax, his right hand pinched and held the left nipple till a angry purple was displayed.
Father Khrisnas was particularly happy of his new recruit, innocent and superbly shapely, breasts like he loved them to be, legs and thighs that never end, buttocks to dream of, this little Constance was promising to be for him hours of lust and... Cosmic voluptuousness.
The other followers made a circle around them, chanting in rhythm the initiatory words of the merging of beings whilst their guru was thrusting himself on the same rhythm between the tender and offered pussy lips of Constance. At the time he climaxed, he stood up to cover Constance's body with his sacral semen throwing his arms to the sky and invoking the celestial powers. Then he turned to his disciples chanting : "Sisters of the Cosmic Love, come to collect on the body of our Angel of the Pink Crystal, the Energy of the Universe, come to drink of the original source."
The women of the community, clothed only by multi-colour pearls necklaces and flowers in their hair, approached and licked Constance's body to take the pleasures and to feel their guru's primal Energy of the Universe pouring inside of them. Their hot languid tongues licked and sucked at the young girls body, nipples were bitten and one delved her head betwixt Constance`s thighs, her tongue lapping at her hot exposed pink clit. A tangle of arms legs and breasts as they did what they were told.

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That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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