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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Of Glass Intentions

He and she walk the aisles glancing into booths of others showing their wares. It's the Taboo sex show located on the West Coast of Canada. Booths of many styles of toys, some with batteries, some without, some remote controlled others just a work of art. Classes for Pole Dancing, strip teases and Burlesque. Sin City showing their Dungeon fair, “The Rack”, “The Flogging”, “The Electric Shock Therapy” Together they watch a pretty lil wisp of thing being flogged, her alabaster ass red and ripe with the lashes of the Dungeon Master showing his art to the public. “The Stockade”, a poor soul adorned in black clothespins down the inside of her thighs and over her breasts as she squeals in sheer delight, her pert flesh pinched roughly, but her eyes and face spoke of dark hidden desires. Vacations to places where clothing is optional and open sex is encouraged-she takes a pamphlet from this booth as He looks at something nearby. She saunters over to a booth, that is giving samples of Absinthe, a bitter alcohol-of course she must try it. It burned, but she liked it going down. Something else now catches her eyes, a coy gleam reflects there as another booth gains her attention. She leans up and whispers into His ear, an innocent smile on her red painted lips-she lifts her right hand and points to one table draped with a black velvet cloth.

Placed upon this table is about thirty objects of glass shapes. Each one had it's own use.

“...that one please. And that one too. That one over there. I like them all.”

Together hand in hand they approach the booth, a burly man stands behind the table showing his art. On the table is an assortment of glass toys. Each hand blown and designed with thoughts to texture and feeling. Each has it's own use. Vaginal and anal or a combination of both. Each declare almost a work of art in their right, one could pass them off as exclusive creative paper weight to unsuspecting relatives should it be left out for all eyes to see. Her cheeks flush red, not with embarrassments but one of lusty attributes of wanting and needing it. She fondles a few of them and picks up one only to place it back down again, this one had a huge deformed glass ball at one end and a rounded smooth tip a the other. But one in particular draws her near, as she almost vibrates with excitement over it. The Master turns His attention to where His First has hers.

His voice is gruff and loving as He answers her.

“...that one Precious?”

A single nod is that of her answer as her pale hand reaches out and picks it up. It is heavier then what she thought, hard rigid and cool to the touch as she plays lightly her fingers over it's shape, feeling the coloured nubs and curves. Her arousal is clear as a guilty sigh escapes her parted lips, she nods again.

“...yes that one Master it is so pretty.”

She strokes it like the fine cock she yearns for, so near her. Her expert fingers run over the slightly bent tip as she imagines the cold shaft piercing her cunt over and over again as He would thust it in and out of her. Her nipples harden as her breath quickens, she feels the mans eyes upon her as he comes closer to them.

And exclaims, “...they are made of fine Pyrex glass, can be heated or cooled whatever meets your fancy. Each one is different from the one next to it.” He gives the couple a lofty grin as he takes it from her hands and holds it up. “..quite the conversation piece as well.” His belly chuckle fills the air.

The Master nods and looks to that of His First, He knew she wanted it for her own. His own mind drunk on the thoughts of its engorged tip buried into her wet cunt. His own hand forcing it in and out of her, her juices dripping from it as He pulled it from her, so that she could lick it. He felt her press up against Him with her soft ample breasts. Her soft breath tickles His ear as she whispers quickly to Him.

“...please may I have it? I must have it.”

A hint of spoiled whine enters her words as her eyes plead with Him to purchase it for her, her thighs quiver with anticipation.

The Master nods, His Precious has been rather well behaved this last week, and this would be her just reward for her actions.

“..we'll take it then.”

He pays the man for the 'toy' which is placed in a black velvet bag just big enough for it. He had plans, so many plans for her soon. And it would be a few weeks before she would be even allowed to play with the new 'toy'. He loved to make her wait and He knew she would abide. Or would she?....

"Amazing! Astonishing! Still can't get over the fantastic idea that when you are looking at a girl, you are looking at somebody who is guaranteed to have on her--a cunt! They all have cunts! Right under their dresses! Cunts--for fucking!"

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D'jierke (The One) said...

ah! excellent memory My First...and even better mammaries too...*smirks*
Having had the opportunity to try out the new toy, it was money well worth spent.
I like the way the pretty coloured knobs disappear inside you with every whimper. I revel in the tremble of your thighs, the softness of your sighs.
Your One

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