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Friday, April 25, 2008

A Breast Obsession

Soft round orbs that can hold a man's attention, whether walking down the street bouncing joyfully or bent over the secrets beheld within the cleavage bared. No matter the place or time there are breasts abound. All shapes and sizes some natural some not, but all out there for all males to see. Does a man look you in the eyes or his eyes darted slightly downcast as he speaks to you? Breasts are the first thing a man sees and rates the woman. He will not remember the colour of her eyes or hair, but he will remember the firm roundness, with nipples pert and poking through the thin gossamer cloth of your favourite blouse. A tight white t-shirt to show ones wares off to the public, add a spritz of water and the whole escapade changes and becomes arousing. Breasts are so versatile, they can be gently fondled, groped or pinched. The nipples can be ringed or pierced with adoration that arouses both parties and all the senses. Hot wax can be dribbled upon them as her soft squeals echo through his ears in heated waves. They can be adorned with coloured clothes pegs of any hue, only to be bruised, marked and marred. They can be pinched or bitten whether she wills it or not. They can be fucked, his cock ram rod hard shoved betwixt the pushed up cleavage as he explodes his hot juice over them. His seed can be massaged whole handedly; rubbed in to the sweet soft flesh, to make the skin softer. There are so many things that breasts can do one just must open their mind to the options at hand. Ropes can bind them, tightly till they turn a lovely shade of purple and highly sensitive to a slap or pinch. With the tip of a dagger they can be pierced till the droplet of blood spills forward, such a deep dark red crimson against her alabaster skin. They can be licked or suckled like a baby would feed from it's Mother. But most of all they are amusement for Him to use as He sees fit. Enough to crave the pain and punishment that He delves out. Touch me. Hurt me. Make me squeal for the transgressions I have done. Some done on purpose just to feel the joy of His hand mar my pale flesh. My breast obsession is shared with one and all. But most of all, they are His and His alone. Thank you for loving me the we both desire, wish and crave.

Calisto ....the Demon...

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D'jierke (The One) said...

Yes I am breast obsessed. Perhaps I was weaned to early?
I love your breasts. I love the fact that you simply carry them around for me for my pleasure...*smirks*. Kneeling over you gazing down at the angry trail of my fingers across your fair skin is the easiest way to draw out all my twisted perversions, to paint my dark desires upon your fevered flesh

That's Life

That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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