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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Devil Has A Forked Tongue

She had met him at the Hotel, she knew the way well. He greeted her at the door allowing her to come into His room. Her heart thudded in her breast, threatening to escape, a whirl wind of thoughts cascaded through her head. She had left Him yesterday her thighs still quivered whenever He was near, and returned today as she brushed up against Him, her breath quickened and she became wet before He even closed the door. She takes off her sweater and drops her purse to the chair by the bed; she seats herself on the edge of the bed. He came around to her, bent over His long black hair tickles her cheek as she lifts her head to kiss Him softly. He memorizes her, captivates her wholly in an instant-His breath hot against her lips, His voice like a snake charmer, making her sway and obey.

…You do know what I want today, don’t you?...

She shook her head; she was not going to say it. He eyes her, His eyes narrow slightly as He pushes her back onto the bed on her back-so that her legs dangled over the sides of the bed. Kind of Him to leave her white socks on, she lay there inert embarrassed, slightly frightened, but strangely always trusting Him. His hands rough and with intentional purpose as He undoes her jeans, and tugs them off in one even swoop before she can protest, He is on her, straddling her stomach. He left her panties on, the light blue cotton ones. He leans down, bites at a protruding nipple that pokes through the thin cloth of her blouse. She hisses softly and squirms beneath Him, coiled like a snake or taunt spring she was.

An instinctive growl comes from His lips as He lifts His head, kisses her chin this too being all new to Him, but as natural as the day He was borne. He wanted her, greedily to possess her, shut her away and keep her all to Himself. Her scent flowing through the air like a mid-summer’s breeze, teasing the senses-forcing Him to take a handful of her coppery mane in His fist as He rudely gropes her breast through her blouse. Suddenly He releases her, almost spitefully. Dropping to His knees between her parted legs, He darts His tongue along the soft blue cotton of her panties, He could taste her, smell from beneath the thin cloth. He growled and dug His sharp fingernails into the soft skin of her bare thigh, she squealed. He liked the sounds she made for Him. Perhaps a little bit too much. He did it again just to amuse Himself, digging His fingernails harder this time, with an upwards scratch. She squealed louder this time and buried her face in the softness of the pillows. He took His hand and snatched at the side line of her panties, stretching the elastic as far is it would go, fully exposing her wet cunt to Him. Soft light low laying curls greeted Him; a pink nub peeked at Him, glistening.

He knelt there, staring one might say. He bowed His head and darted His tongue over the small protruding nub. Fine delicate curls tickled His nose lightly. She moaned, and her legs went weak, her entire body contorted tightly; she felt His tongue lightly, hot, the heat of His breath rush against her uncovered sex. The electric shocks gave the shakes to her body, as His fingers parted her fully exposing her to Him; in which He now sucked greedily on her clit, a spasm would pass through her when His teeth grazed. She felt His tongue poke into her; she contracted all her muscles as her cunt seemed to grip at His flickering tongue. She could almost hear Him moan in delight, as He pushed one of His fingers into her exploring inside. Pushing up against her inner walls as His teeth nibbled on her now over sensitive clit. A new length of moans came from her louder then that of the first, laced with a dainty grunt, her hand stretched out to the sides of the bed, fingers curled in taking up the folds of the comforter within her grasp. His hair tickled her inner thighs, black curls danced against her alabaster skin, sending shivers through her. She moaned deeply as His finger slide in and out of her slowly. She would contract so tightly she could experience each His knuckles pass into her, and back out. And then another finger slide up against the other one, in which she too greedily accepted both digits wetly. The moaning started from her again; her head went from side to side. Soft sucking sounds, wet sounds as He pushed in His two fingers as far as they would go wiggling them as she bore down tightly upon them, she would clench against those fingers and then release, power muscles contracted on His offered fingers. Which He with drew, drawing a sticky line up her thighs with her own juice. He was entrance by the sheer sticky smoothness, as He rubbed His fingers together. He was drunk on her, her scent, her taste, made His head spin and His cock leap to life in His jeans.
She wanted more of His tongue, she would never tell Him so. She had just met Him and she was allowing His head between her legs. A tremor ran through her body, she felt herself drip as He withdrew His fingers, her eyes narrow slits of green as she watched Him entranced with Him. Each time His tongue dug into her she bubbled wetly responding to each of His commands. A whimper escaped her lips and she tried to close her legs.
A sharp slap to her thighs brought her around instantly as she whimpered and cried out at the sting He left behind with His hand. Her legs dropped open once more as He now took it upon Hisself to move the back of her feet to the edge of the bed, He pushed her legs down, parting her thighs letting her pink clit slide out its hood to greet Him wet. And He answered by delving His head back down, she felt His lips wrap around it, constricting the blood flow, making it tingle. Her whimpering moan was all the answer He needed. She was His......

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D'jierke (The One) said...

Like a trap door creaking open, memories of that first moment are revealed once more. The dizzying rush of all five senses- the rapture on your face, the touch of your skin, the sounds of your whimpers, the scent and taste of your passion.
You were bound to me from the beginning. I will never let you go.

That's Life

That's Life

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The Master Of Her Domain
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