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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

His Displeasure {Part 2}

She turned to kneel before Him now, her lips inches from His twitching cock. Slowly with deliberate motion she drew Him into her mouth. Once, twice her head bobbed as she slid His member in and out and across her tongue, her lips clamped tightly against His throbbing shaft. She slipped Him out drawing the foreskin back against the engorged head as only she could so skillfully do.
“Now Master?” she asked.
He nodded once.
The First stood up reaching for the pet. With her fingers entwined deep into her hair, she dragged the pet’s shaking body across the mulch of leaves and dirt towards Him. The First knelt, pulling hard against the pet’s hair, stretching her slender neck out, pressing her face against her own naked breasts. The pet whimpered in pain. The harsh sound of flesh against flesh resounded like a clap against the trees as The First’s hand came palm down against the pet’s soft cheek. Tears flowed freely now as the pet started to cry from the assault. Fingers tightened in her hair. How could it get any tighter - any more brutal? What was going to happen next? She was pulled harder against The Firsts ample breasts. She could feel a hard nipple, free of the clothes peg, pressed against her ear. She drew a sobbing breath.

From His standing position above them, The Master smirked. He looked down at His First. A moment crossed between them. It lasted only as long as a blink of an eye, but it bespoke a volume of words. It hung for a fleeting second in the heavy sodden air like the leaves in the forest, gone like the dieing beat of a dragonfly’s wings. And from His cock flowed a steady stream of piss.
The pet gasped as the hot piss splashed against her face, pooled against the small fold where her face met The First’s breast and ran in rivulets down her chin, her tits, to collect in a small pool between her thighs. It splattered against His First’s breasts. The hot odour violated her senses. She could taste the pungent fluid on her lips. She breathed in the heady tang, making the back of her throat tingle. And still His piss gushed forth as the ruthless words spewed like bile from The Master’s mouth. His First held her face in a vice grip against her futile struggles.

“How do you like my piss on you, pet!”
“Do you like being showered with my piss, pet”
“The next time I give you the privilege of sucking my cock, you will only think of My pleasure!”
“Do you understand me, pet?”
“Thank me, cunt. Thank me for the priveledge!!”

And the piss saturated her hair and her face. It soaked into the already wet earth. It steamed upwards dancing wraith-like in the gathering gloom. And from within her anguish, amidst the desecration of her body, all she could do was look up at Him and whisper the words, “Thank You, Sir”


D'jierke (The One) said...

such dark corridors and windowless passageways waiting to be explored. And there`s no one else I would want to walk through them than with you m`lady.
With our footsteps echoing off the cold dank walls, our hushed whispers floating through the darkness, your soft whimpers fluttering upwards to scatter amongst the rafters. Yellow eyes blink. Fingers and toes scrabble for hold. They will watch silently as the play unfolds below...
Your One

Pixiepie said...

Thank you Sir....

That's Life

That's Life

The Master Of Her Domain

The Master Of Her Domain
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