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Sunday, June 24, 2007


..All things take time to relax, relearn and unwind. On vacation for a few weeks. For those that are the silent readers of my Domain. I shall return anon.....and for those that are new, welcome....please stand by and do not adjust your dial........

Love the Mistress....

PS.....am at the Master's Lair....Getting to know the one that owns all that that I am..and all that I will be.....

~Evil Grin~

~Calisto Demon~

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Your One said...

Counting the hours until I hear your voice again My First. There is a void in my soul, a space left bereft of your presence. I never thought there would be a day when someone would consume me as much as you have. Your roots are entwined deep within me-you were made for me
I love you

That's Life

That's Life

The Master Of Her Domain

The Master Of Her Domain
There is One for everyone. The Master of my Domain is the axis in which my world spins. There shall only be but One. Among men and women, those in love do not always announce themselves with declarations and vows. But they are the ones who weep when you're gone. Who miss you every single night, especially when the sky is so deep and beautiful, and the ground so very cold......