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Monday, June 4, 2007

My Everything

My Everything

Let me be your temptress enchant you with my sultry styles so warm.
Surround me in dreams, cross a thousand hundred miles.
Arouse me with your eyes on fire like dancers in two flames.
Seduce me with your smile, ignite my heart to burst then burn.
Delight me with your dreams that shower me in my night.
Caress me with your lips; kiss me into the bright white light.
I will devour you with my mouth, suckle softly with great care.
I will feed you my ample breasts let you nibble here along pert tips.
Intoxicate you with the juice of my gush; let you drink from my flower of love.
Cling on to your body, feel the powers that lay there deep within.
Exchange hearts with me; let me feel your soul pound in my chest.
Shine for my eyes; let me be blinded by your glow.
Cover me with your love, sing songs only my heart can hear.
Desire my sighs moist along your back.
Crave my flower against your rose as we burst alive into raptures golden love.
Dance for my eyes; let me feast on all that is you.
Share your life with me my love, feel the wonders of my care.
I will be your temptress in the night, my amazing soul’s wondrous fire light.
Open me further to the story in your eyes.
Walk with me by your side into our future sunrise.
If I should stumble, hold on tight and show me the way to heavens most golden light.

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Djierke said...

My long quest for the perfect companion has now ended. One chapter has closed, the closing words written with a final flourish. The page turned, I start a new chapter...words carved out on a black slate, your body as my canvas, your mind my playroom, your submission a gift.
Do not let go of my hand m'lady and I promise to hold tight yours. Together we start an adventure of a lifetime.
Love Always

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That's Life
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The Master Of Her Domain

The Master Of Her Domain
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